Monday, July 2, 2012

Protecting Your Produce With The Right Packaging

If you think that planting and harvesting your produce is the hardest part, well you’re mistaken.  Packaging and transporting is far more difficult and considered the most crucial stage of your business.  
Increase your sales by keeping your fruits and vegetables green and fresh.  Packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the freshness of your produce.  There are different ways on how you can package your goods and maintain its original state for a few days. A produce undergoes different stages as well, which cand determine the type of packaging that will suit the environment.  Here are different types of packaging materials for different types of stages:
1.     Sealed Cartons/Corrugated Boxes – This type of packaging is used primarily when transporting your harvest.  It provides better resistance to damages when manually handling the produce during transportation to markets.  It also protects the fruits from scratching each other and damaging the skin to keep it looking fresh in the market.
2.     Vacuum Packaging – This is usually the standard packaging when fruits and vegetables are already displayed in supermarkets and grocery stores.  This will lengthen the shelf life of the goods by reducing the level of both oxygen and nitrogen in the package.  Some films would require micro holes to avoid anaerobiosis.
3.     Nets – This type of packaging is used for root crops and other vegetables.  These crops would normally require more holes because if humidity is too high or oxygen level is too low, such crops will sprout.
4.     Wooden Trays/Crates – Commonly used for potatoes and tomatoes.  These crates have good ventilation and are relatively resistant to different weather conditions.  It is also widely used in transporting larger sized produce like watermelons.
You can use carton sealers and dependable taping machines to ensure quality of packaging and handling of your harvest.
Packaging is not only to ensure longer lifespan and safe transportation of your produce.  It impacts your marketing and your sales. 
Great Harvest + Right Packaging = Increased Sales

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