Thursday, August 19, 2010

What are Case Sealers?

In the packaging industry, case sealers come in many forms, designs, and are called many names. Some of the various names are: case sealers tape machines, carton sealing tapes, carton sealers, box sealers, or tapers; however, most companies call these packaging equipment machines case sealers. But what exactly are case sealers?

Case sealers, put quite simply, are packaging machines that automatically applies tape on cardboard boxes. Some case sealers are manually fed, which means that operators are needed for the case sealers apply tape on carton boxes. Standard case sealers are a perfect match for RSC cardboard boxes, RSC meaning, regular slotted cases. Regular slotted cases are cardboard boxes most people in the packaging industry are familiar with. RSCs each have four flaps on the top and bottom, thus there are case sealers like top and bottom drive manual case sealers or quad-drive case sealers that are made available by case sealer manufacturers.

Why are case sealers better than manually hand taping carton boxes? Firstly, case sealers are consistent in putting the right amount of carton sealing tapes on carton boxes. Case sealers give a more professional look to cardboard boxes by neatly sealing them. Additionally, case sealers are workers’ best friend for they make production easier and more efficient. Employees are given the chance to focus on other important aspects of production and quality control. With case sealers, not only will it cut labor cost but production costs as well. This is because case sealers never over use tapes, they can seal more boxes per minute than manually taping them, and finally, case sealers save money because it lessens dissatisfied customers who may return products due to mistakes in sealing carton boxes.
Case sealers work hand-in-hand with other accessories such as a mechanical device called a tapehead. Tapeheads apply tape over the slot, usually putting carton sealing tapes on the top and on the bottom simultaneously. The case or box that comes out of the other side of the taping machine is finally taped and ready to be shipped.

Case sealers come in many forms. Available from your local case sealer manufacturer are semi-automatic case sealers, fully-automatic case sealers, uniform case sealers, and random case sealers. Contact your nearest dealer for more information.