Friday, September 28, 2012

New LED Packaging Technology Discovered: Packaging And Performance That Goes Hand In Hand

The packaging industry is a tree of many branches, but it cannot be denied that some branches extend further faster than others. The LED packaging technology is one such branch because it has no choice but to move beyond the technology used in automated carton sealers and taping machines. LED technology has become one of the most prominent technologies as a result of an increased awareness of energy efficiency, and many researchers have willingly risen to the challenge of packaging this technology safely for global distribution.
Packaging that Does More
Their efforts have most recently led to the development of a new way of packaging LED that not only protects it during transport, but can also boost its performance. The new study, which was conducted by researchers in Taiwan, have discovered that a unique flip glass substrate used for packaging LED has demonstrated several key improvements in LED performance several aspects of LED performance.
Currently, most LED products distributed commercially are packaged using PLCCs or plastic leaded chip carriers, PCBS or printed circuit boards, and ceramic holders. These packages are partly non-transparent to make sure the LED light does not penetrate through the sides.
The new LED packaging technology recently discovered in Taiwan, however, moves away from this design and instead uses side walls made of fully transparent glass substrate covered with phosphor on the outside. It then has a cavity created to house the LED; this cavity is filled with silicon whose role is to protect the LED. When the LED has to be used, the packaging is simply flipped over so that the LED light can be emitted through the transparent glass.
Benefits of Newly Discovered LED Packaging Technology
Wider viewing angles. According to researchers, this latest discovery in LED packaging can provide a wider viewing angle of 140 degrees, compared to the 125-degree angle offered by 95% of conventional LED packaging used nowadays. This improvement is caused by the LED light’s penetrating through the side walls, thus reducing reflection loss – a common problem caused by non-transparent packaging material.
Better uniformity of colors. This new LED packaging technology has also exhibited better uniformity of the angular correlated color temperature. This is what determines the coolness and the warmth of the LED light. Due to its lower maximum deviation of just 1300 K compared to the 2500 K of other LED packaging materials, the color uniformity is improved. According to researchers, the phosphor coating is the reason behind this.
Improved quality evaluation and assurance. This new technology also allows producers to test the LED and the packaging separately before they are fitted together. This means that they are better able to identify flaws in production that may lead to color quality problems. This can help reduce the waste levels and the errors during fabrication.
This new LED packaging technology is not yet out in the market, as researchers still have to improve the material’s transmission and perform more tests on its reliability and heat dissipation abilities. These aspects will also determine whether this packaging technology can be used for higher-power LEDs.
If you are a business owner supplying various LED products, this new development will be of great interest to you. Staying up-to-date with the latest packaging technologies can help give you gain a competitive advantage over other players in your industry. 
Transporting and shipping would be another crucial consideration.  Buying a quality and dependable taping machine and acquiring an automated packaging system will help you in ensuring that products are handled well from the manufacturing side down to the market.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Different Types Of Packaging For Different Types Of Industry

Packaging is very essential to every and to any type of industry.  Whether you’re in the food business, clothes manufacturing or you’re in the technology industry, packaging is crucial.  It protects the product from any potential damage that will deem the product useless.  Thus a good packaging system is a must. 
Having a high-quality taping machine and a case erector will definitely aid in achieving the very essence of packaging that is to secure the product and to keep its original state or how it was after production.  Packaging will only vary in every industry depending on how the product will be marketed.  Different industries will definitely use different types of packaging but the objective will still remain constant.  As most businessmen would always say packaging can be the difference in successfully shipping a product to the market in one piece or in pieces.  Listed below are different types of packaging:
1.     Plastic – one of the most common packaging materials used for food products.  Resin is most common to plastic packaging as it can be made flexible or rigid depending on the need of packaging.  This is commonly used for sodas, milk carton and egg trays.  Rigid plastics are usually used for manufacturing food cartons (for to go) and other plastic trays.
2.     Metal or Aluminum – this type of packaging is normally used for canned goods, sodas and alcoholic drinks like beer.  Although aluminum is good for packaging, challenge is it is quite expensive to make one that is why you would hear people trying to get all the used cans that they can find so that they can have it for recycling.
3.     Cardboard – this is used when the product is already wrapped in something that is already well protected and secured.  This material is also highly recyclable.  This material is also used in manufacturing corrugated boxes.  Some products use bubble wrap for protective purposes before putting it in a well-sealed box.  Taping machines are commonly used for sealing these corrugated boxes just to make sure that product is delivered in tact.
4.     Glass – is frequently used for preserved foods such as jams and honey.  This type of packaging is easy to use and can be recycled over and over again.  Glass is also used for consumable goods such as sodas, beer and wine.  Although this packaging is fragile, it is still widely used across almost all industries.
5.     Foam – you would notice this type of packaging on gadgets, TVs, furniture, glass and anything with sharp edges.  Foams are custom made to make sure that it fits the product accurately.
Packaging is sometimes neglected by companies that are not aware of the benefits and importance of ensuring that the product is received in one piece and not in pieces.  But packaging is not just limited to the type used.  Having a high quality and dependable packaging system like a taping machine will ensure that product will reach the end of the line in tact.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Comparison Between Hot Melt And Acrylic Carton Sealing Tapes

Product packaging is very important in any business.  Packaging is sometimes neglected in introducing the product to the market.  It is often overlooked as a very important aspect of marketing.  Just like choosing the right adhesives that will suit your product, which is also often ignored.  Even if you have a dependable taping machine in your packaging department, if you use a not so reliable adhesive tape, your product may be up for a big surprise once delivered to the market.
So how do you chose from a wide variety of adhesives that are out there in the market?  To give you a better perspective and to guide you on what to use on your production line, here is a short comparison between two of the most popular types of tapes:
1.     Adhesion – Hot Melt adhesives have significantly higher adhesion compared to    an Acrylic tape.  This is true to almost any surface including fiberboards.
2.     Shear Value – Hot Melts performs well under constant pull or stress.  This is why hot melt adhesives are commonly used with or performs better in case sealers.  Just like a rubber band when stretched, it goes back to its original state.  Acrylic tapes can be pulled but will come off once they return to its original state.
3.     Price – Acrylics are cheaper that is why this is the choice of many especially when budget is a consideration.  Price of the hot melt depends on the thickness and the size.  Price would also vary if it will be used for heavy duty or just for regular or general tape use.
4.     Temperature – they are both functional in hot and cold temperatures.  Acrylic tapes works in temperatures ranging from 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit while Hot melt will work well in temperatures ranging from 45 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Acrylics holds up very well in extremely low temperature.
5.     Appearance – Hot melts comes in various colors and it yellows with age.  While Acrylic does not change in color as it ages.  Acrylic tapes have stronger resistance to Oxidation that is why it doesn’t yellow with age even exposed under the sun or any element that can influence change in color.  This is also the reason why Acrylic is preferred by manufacturers whose intention in the first place is to display the box.
Choosing the right tape for your packaging is also essential to positioning your product.  It gives the consumer the sense of assurance that the product is of high quality and well thought off.  Make your customers feel that your product is sealed securely and durably.  Buy the right adhesive now for your product and see the results of having the appropriate tape.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Branding Your Product In The Market

Branding is how you package your product in such a way that your target market will see your product as the only available solution to their problem. 
A great marketing person would always think of the sum total experience of the customer with the product.  That is why every stage in the product cycle is very important.  From the creation of the idea to the manufacturing of the actual product down to the packaging using a taping machine to shipping and to delivery.  Every process is essential and will contribute to the whole experience of the targeted market.
So how does branding works?  What are the key factors that influences branding?  Listed below are some essentials for an effective product branding:
1.     Clarifying The Win – what is the “winnability” of your product?  Your product should have a defined and a clear goal.  What do you want your customers to feel when they are holding or using the product?  Ask the question “what is the most important thing that you want to achieve when your product is already out in the market?” 
2.     Focus on One Thing – you can clarify the win by also being focused.  Who is your target market?  What is your unique message?  Focusing will also help you in engaging your target market.  As you define your focus, as you own that one significant thing, your target market would understand your product even more.
3.     Be Consistent – focusing is not enough to engage the market.  You need to be consistent with how you brand your product.  If it’s for female today, don’t say that it can be for men tomorrow.  Consistency is essential.  Be consistent with your message.  Use the same taglines, logos, images, fonts, tone and other visual components that will make the customer remember your product.  Do this for a long time and you will win the market.  Imagine McDonalds, they have been around the industry for decades and one can still remember that yellow letter “m” that is visually present in almost all corners of the world.  Consistency is indeed essential.  This is also where you apply the technicalities of packaging the product.  To be consistent would mean that you employ automation let say in packaging.  Uniformity in packaging can be achieved by using high quality and dependable taping machine or case erectors.
4.     Call to Action – it is very important that you stimulate your target market not to just remember your product but most importantly to consistently buy you for a longer period of time.  Give them a good offer to buy your product.  Be intentional and be obvious with the offer.  This is where your pricing comes in.  Study the market for competitive pricing.  Quality and scarcity is also a factor for people to buy your product.
Branding a product is very practical but you have to be intentional and should be timely.  It is very important that you invest time in researching and building your product.  Every stage is a part of a bigger objective and that is to deliver the end product to the consumer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Importance Of Packaging: Product And Consumer Safety

Packaging is an essential tool of marketing.   It establishes the identity of a new product.  It also brands or positions the product to attract the right market that it wants to hit.  Moreover packaging also protects both your product and your target market or what you call the end consumer.  That is why it is very important to have an excellent packaging system to make sure that these objectives are met.  Having a high quality-taping machine is one way of ensuring that the product reaches the last line of the cycle.  This machine ensures that products are encased and sealed properly securing it for shipping and distribution down the line.
Recently, a news broke regarding a child in Vancouver grabbed a laundry pod causing him to lose his eyesight.  These new technology in the detergent industry is making its way to the market like a hot potato.  This little plastic bag-like square that hold laundry detergent is an answer to those who do their laundry and wants a quicker way of doing it.  These pods will make laundry easier.  With this laundry pods, you don’t have to scoop the detergent powder and you don’t have to redo your washing just to add the stain remover and the brightener.  These pods will save you time, it may not be substantial but accumulated over a year, it might be significant. 
Are these pods safe to use?  Well these pods are designed for laundry but because of it s bright colors that are so appealing especially to children who likes grabbing small stuff that are colorful and delectable, this may pose danger to them.  Keeping those pods in higher places like inside your hanging cabinets or somewhere that your kids cannot reach would be a good way to store it.  If you don’t have any kids well good for you.  But an important consideration in packaging is that the product is not just presented well to the market but it should also ensure that product is kept safe especially when in the hands of the consumer.  Going back to these gel pods, yes it is safe to use it as long as it is kept safe from children.
These pods are shipped from the manufacturer down to the market and used by the consumer.  What’s amazing about this product is that it is heat resistant and it doesn’t melt.  Keeping it inside the box and sealing it through a taping machine will not affect the quality of the product.  It will only disintegrate once it is dipped in water.
Packaging of these laundry pods is truly a breakthrough in the detergent industry.  Imagine having three most important stuffs that you need while doing your laundry in one small plastic pod.  Nevertheless, even if the product has tremendous positive effects on the consumer, always make safety the top priority.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Marketing Trend Through Packaging

Packaging plays a crucial role in positioning your product in the market.  If you are serious with your product you have to develop and continuously look for new ways on how to engage your target market to patronize your product.  Companies involved in manufacturing are now paying closer attention to how their packaging systems can get those new packages into the market faster and do it more cost effectively.  Having a high quality taping machine is a good start in ensuring and securing the product’s quality from the factory down to the consumer.  These case erectors and sealers are just part of a bigger and automated packaging system that a company has to invest in.
Going back to new marketing trends, interactive packaging is now gaining popularity especially in the food and beverage industry.   When it comes to promotion and selling of a product, packaging connects the product and the consumer beyond what media and advertisers can do; today packaging bridges the product and consumer through virtual encounter using technology.  Advertisers and Marketing people are now using augmented reality as a new way of engaging their market to buy their products.  Due to the popularity of Androids and smart phones in today’s generation, augmented reality is now transforming the way companies market their products.  Thought it has been around for more than 2 decades already, augmented reality is just being utilized today.  In essence if you create a packaging that has augmented reality, your view of the product that you are looking at through your smart phone is enhanced.  The packaging is augmented by a computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.  TicTac’s Shake Thing Up promo is one good example of a product, which used this kind of advertising through on-pack augmented reality.
Have you heard of QR codes or what they call quick response code”?  This QR code is attached with a mobile application that will lead the consumer to a website, a game or a short video.  This kind of interactive packaging integrated with mobile applications is now seen in the marketing world.  These two-dimensional codes were originally used for the auto industry.  It was invented to track vehicles during the manufacturing process.  But due to its fast readability and larger storage capacity compared to the conventional barcodes, it is now used for interactive consumer advertising and packaging.  One successful story of QR code promotion is Verizon’s promotion.  Upon using the QR code, their customers are redirected to an online competition, which will allow them to win a smart phone.  This promotion increased the sales of that particular store by 200% for that week alone.
While sales and profits are the bottom-line of many companies, a business owner should not neglect that through packaging, a product is connected to the consumer in ways far beyond what you can imagine. 
Investing a little on an automated packaging system such as a taping machine and innovating on how you design and utilize your packaging like using QR codes and Augmented Reality will definitely help you achieve your objective, repeat sales and loyal customers.  Then profit will just follow.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Impact Of Product Packaging In the Marketing World

Packaging is an essential stage in strategizing and positioning your product in the market.  It is not an end to itself but it is a way to attract and get your market to patronize your product.  A high quality taping machine, case erector and carton sealing tape plays a very important role in achieving the end goal.  This machine will not only achieve operational efficiency and reduced cost but it will aid in creating a lasting impression to the consumer.
So how does packaging impact the buying behavior of the market?  Most consumers would buy the product once they see how it is packaged.  Some would have an idea of what’s inside the box but they wont care until they see the packaging.  Packaging gives them assurance that indeed what’s inside the box is worth every penny.  Although it may vary from person to person depending on his buying capacity and preference, packaging is still part and parcel of the whole product.  But to prove the point that packaging indeed influences buying behavior of a consumer, imagine two identical products with the same amount placed inside two individual boxes.  One box is just plain white cardboard while the other box would have more colors and a more attractive design.  Guess which box would sell?  Yes, the second box would definitely sell, hence packaging can influence the behavior of the buyer.
Without a doubt packaging can persuade the buying behavior of the consumer.  Listed below are some of the many effects of packaging in marketing your product:
1.     Security – It assures the consumer that the product was carefully shipped from the manufacturer to the distributor down to the supermarket or department store then to the end consumer.  It also assures reseller or distributor that the item is of high value because packaging was well thought of.  Using a taping machine, case erector and a case sealer will ensure that products are sealed and protected from the factory down to the end line.
2.     Sense Of Quality – Aside from being secured that the item is of high value and that it was shipped carefully, packaging gives the consumer the feeling of having a high quality product.  Consumers and resellers alike will sense that the manufacturer invested in packaging because the product is of high quality.  It differentiates low quality competitors from the high quality brands.  It’s like buying a can of soda as against buying soda in a plain plastic pouch. 
3.     Brand Positioning and Awareness– Packaging itself promotes the brand and establishes market position.  Amidst too much clutters in the marketplace, packaging helps consumers pinpoint your product.  With the use of colorful images and logos, one can identify fast which one is your product and which one is not.  Let’s take McDonald’s as an example; if you would buy a burger from a store with 50 different types of burger from 50 different burger chains in the US, you would easily identify McDonald’s burger by simply looking for the M logo of McDonalds.
Strategizing how you would sell your product is very important.  Packaging should always be at the core of every market strategy.  But always remember that quality of a product should always be on top to make sure that consumers will come back for more of that product.  A high performance and a reliable taping machine will definitely be a good investment to make sure that your product is positioned well in the market and achieve the end goal which is repeat sales.