Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Impact Of Product Packaging In the Marketing World

Packaging is an essential stage in strategizing and positioning your product in the market.  It is not an end to itself but it is a way to attract and get your market to patronize your product.  A high quality taping machine, case erector and carton sealing tape plays a very important role in achieving the end goal.  This machine will not only achieve operational efficiency and reduced cost but it will aid in creating a lasting impression to the consumer.
So how does packaging impact the buying behavior of the market?  Most consumers would buy the product once they see how it is packaged.  Some would have an idea of what’s inside the box but they wont care until they see the packaging.  Packaging gives them assurance that indeed what’s inside the box is worth every penny.  Although it may vary from person to person depending on his buying capacity and preference, packaging is still part and parcel of the whole product.  But to prove the point that packaging indeed influences buying behavior of a consumer, imagine two identical products with the same amount placed inside two individual boxes.  One box is just plain white cardboard while the other box would have more colors and a more attractive design.  Guess which box would sell?  Yes, the second box would definitely sell, hence packaging can influence the behavior of the buyer.
Without a doubt packaging can persuade the buying behavior of the consumer.  Listed below are some of the many effects of packaging in marketing your product:
1.     Security – It assures the consumer that the product was carefully shipped from the manufacturer to the distributor down to the supermarket or department store then to the end consumer.  It also assures reseller or distributor that the item is of high value because packaging was well thought of.  Using a taping machine, case erector and a case sealer will ensure that products are sealed and protected from the factory down to the end line.
2.     Sense Of Quality – Aside from being secured that the item is of high value and that it was shipped carefully, packaging gives the consumer the feeling of having a high quality product.  Consumers and resellers alike will sense that the manufacturer invested in packaging because the product is of high quality.  It differentiates low quality competitors from the high quality brands.  It’s like buying a can of soda as against buying soda in a plain plastic pouch. 
3.     Brand Positioning and Awareness– Packaging itself promotes the brand and establishes market position.  Amidst too much clutters in the marketplace, packaging helps consumers pinpoint your product.  With the use of colorful images and logos, one can identify fast which one is your product and which one is not.  Let’s take McDonald’s as an example; if you would buy a burger from a store with 50 different types of burger from 50 different burger chains in the US, you would easily identify McDonald’s burger by simply looking for the M logo of McDonalds.
Strategizing how you would sell your product is very important.  Packaging should always be at the core of every market strategy.  But always remember that quality of a product should always be on top to make sure that consumers will come back for more of that product.  A high performance and a reliable taping machine will definitely be a good investment to make sure that your product is positioned well in the market and achieve the end goal which is repeat sales.

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