Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Importance Of Packaging: Product And Consumer Safety

Packaging is an essential tool of marketing.   It establishes the identity of a new product.  It also brands or positions the product to attract the right market that it wants to hit.  Moreover packaging also protects both your product and your target market or what you call the end consumer.  That is why it is very important to have an excellent packaging system to make sure that these objectives are met.  Having a high quality-taping machine is one way of ensuring that the product reaches the last line of the cycle.  This machine ensures that products are encased and sealed properly securing it for shipping and distribution down the line.
Recently, a news broke regarding a child in Vancouver grabbed a laundry pod causing him to lose his eyesight.  These new technology in the detergent industry is making its way to the market like a hot potato.  This little plastic bag-like square that hold laundry detergent is an answer to those who do their laundry and wants a quicker way of doing it.  These pods will make laundry easier.  With this laundry pods, you don’t have to scoop the detergent powder and you don’t have to redo your washing just to add the stain remover and the brightener.  These pods will save you time, it may not be substantial but accumulated over a year, it might be significant. 
Are these pods safe to use?  Well these pods are designed for laundry but because of it s bright colors that are so appealing especially to children who likes grabbing small stuff that are colorful and delectable, this may pose danger to them.  Keeping those pods in higher places like inside your hanging cabinets or somewhere that your kids cannot reach would be a good way to store it.  If you don’t have any kids well good for you.  But an important consideration in packaging is that the product is not just presented well to the market but it should also ensure that product is kept safe especially when in the hands of the consumer.  Going back to these gel pods, yes it is safe to use it as long as it is kept safe from children.
These pods are shipped from the manufacturer down to the market and used by the consumer.  What’s amazing about this product is that it is heat resistant and it doesn’t melt.  Keeping it inside the box and sealing it through a taping machine will not affect the quality of the product.  It will only disintegrate once it is dipped in water.
Packaging of these laundry pods is truly a breakthrough in the detergent industry.  Imagine having three most important stuffs that you need while doing your laundry in one small plastic pod.  Nevertheless, even if the product has tremendous positive effects on the consumer, always make safety the top priority.

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