Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Tips to Ensure Safety in the Packaging Workplace

Packaging equipment manufacturers are being pressured to create more flexible packaging machines that are able to meet the high demands of consumers. With the challenge of incorporating additional automation into case sealers and other packaging machinery, case sealer manufacturers must integrate these new features while balancing complex safety issues. Uniting flexibility while ensuring the safety of case sealer operators is a task that machine builders are ready to face – but how?
The demand for more flexible case sealers and packaging machines arose from shorter innovation cycles and increased pressure from the competition. This resulted in the decrease of batch build and multi-pack runs. Because of this, case sealers are now required to produce multiple packaging variations from the same machine. For example, BestPack’s MSDBF Pack/Seal Total System is equipped with top/bottom sealers, extended sidedrive systems, and top and bottom horn flaps for easier case sealing. By not having to buy additional accessories and saving on case sealer with such flexibility, clients may worry that this may compromise quality and safety. However, this is certainly not the case.

Keep in mind that all case sealers being manufactured are required to pass industry standards. Case sealers and other packaging equipment machines also require multiple axis controllers and other motion control products for safety processes to run easily and quickly. Deployed properly, clients can expect an increase in production while achieving the required flexibility their packaging needs, and still ensure the safety of case sealer operators.

When considering the safety of adding motion products to case sealers, one should consider synchronization of decentralized drives, management of dynamic drives, camshafts for additional functions, manufacturing at a consistent quality but with low cost, quick installation and flexibility, and automatic adjustment for variations in products. All of these are part of a complete automation solution.

The most essential thing to remember is that proven motion solutions are available that can meet the demands of the industry when it comes to flexible and safe packaging machinery.