Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Product Packaging with Case Sealers

Packaging products within a container or package serves many purposes which includes protection and marketing. Even if the final customer decides to purchase a product without a package, the product distributor and manufacturer still need to package products to ship safely to the store. There are basically two types of packaging that products go through before being sold to the final customer. With efficient case sealers, product packaging is both economical and less time consuming.
The first type of product packaging is the Final Customer Package. This is basically the primary package to which the consumer is exposed to upon making the purchase. The primary package is the outermost container that the final customer sees and touches. It can be divided into three parts:

• First-level package – this is the package that holds the actual product. Sometimes, the packaging is only minimal since it only serves to protect the product. For example, frozen goods can be sold in cardboard boxes with the product contained in a plastic bag that is inside the cardboard box.
• Second-level package – this could be the primary package if the first-level package is surrounded by one or more outer packages. In essence, it’s just another package that holds the first-level package.
• Package inserts – Nowadays, packaging products are not just for protection purposes. Marketers use packaging to communicate with consumers even after they’ve purchased the product. Often inserted within or on the product itself, package inserts include instruction manuals, warranty cards, promotional incentives, and software.
The Distribution Channel Package is the second type of product packaging, which involves how the products are packaged to the supply chain. It can hold multiple customer packages and that is why it offers a higher level of damage protection as compared to customer packaging.

Whether business owners choose a final customer package or a distribution channel package, using case sealers are the most efficient and low-cost means of doing so. Not only do case sealers save time and money, but case sealers are also durable and reliable.