Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Importance Of Packaging To The Mobile Phone Industry

Who would have thought that mobile phones would be selling like hot potatoes?  Calls that were very expensive and limited are long gone.  It started when AT&T commercialized the first Mobile Telephone Service during the 1940s.  This gave way to 30,000 calls per week, which were manually operated by another person on the other line.  The first commercialized telephone equipment that they used weighed 80 pounds.  Imagine the hassle of holding it for a few minutes – it’s ike your talking on the phone while holding a 6-year-old boy using the same hand.  Today’s mobile weighs around 200 to 800 grams in an average and the box that comes with it is so small and lightweight. 
Compared to the older models, these new designs that we have right now are not only used for calls but they have evolved to a whole new way of using a mobile phone.  They are now considered as a utility tool.  Its functions have revolutionized the modern mobile technology.  You can now use your phone for tracking, taking pictures, chatting and SMS, sending files through email and MMS and a whole lot more.
Mobile phones are indeed essential to our day-to day lives.  Who doesn’t have a mobile phone today?  According to some studies today, in the US alone there are 327,577,529 mobile phone users, which is only next to India and China.  In the UK, 85% of their population has mobile phones.  With this in mind, packaging has become more vital to the mobile phone industry.  With the growing demand for a mobile phone not only in the US but also around the globe, demand for better packaging also increases.  The demand for packaging systems such as carton sealers and taping machine will also increase.  The need to save on costs will play a huge role in acquiring this equipment.
So where does packaging come in?  To begin with, packaging plays an important role in marketing the brand.  Imagine Apple selling their iPhones but using an ordinary box.  It doesn’t make sense.  Apple sells elegance, functionality and leadership. Thus, packaging should also match the product image of the company. 
Another benefit of good packaging is protection.  If you’re selling a product that is so expensive, you need to have secured packaging. This can protect all components while being shipped around the globe and stored inside the stores or distributor warehouses. 
Lastly, packaging gives the consumer a sense of guarantee and security, assuring them that what they are buying indeed came fresh from the factory.  That is why it is also very important for a manufacturer to have a carton sealer and a taping machine to ensure quality of the product is not compromised.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tobacco Packaging: A Different Kind Of Marketing

Smoking kills at least 400,000 people every yearQuit now or be hooked forever.
A cigarette pack is the only consumer product that has a serious warning outside the packaging, yet a lot of consumers are still addicted to it.  People are very much aware that this product is not good for their health, has proven illnesses and diseases that comes with inhaling it but still is not considered as a prohibited drug or product.  In fact, different manufacturers are spending too much money in advertising this dangerous and harmful drug.  It’s ironic, don’t you think? 
Here are some facts about smoking and its ill effects:
1.     One out of two smokers will die from this addictive habit.
2.     Tobacco usage causes a variety of cancer, which can also lead to death.
3.     Smoking can also cause heart attacks and heart failures.
4.     Decreases level of oxygen in your muscles and inside your brain, making your heart work harder.
5.     Rotting of a lung, which is also called emphysema.
6.     On a lighter note, smoking causes bad breath.
Smoking is so far the most popular recreational drug used in today’s generation.  It comes in the form of cigarettes.  Did you know that almost one billion people in the world smoke?  Imagine the impact of inhaling these burned tobaccos to our health.  But surprisingly, it is still being patronized by consumers ages 10 and above. 
If you will check the packaging, it is already saying that smoking is hazardous and dangerous to your health.  Other brands would even joke about it as shown in the image on your left.  This consumer product has a unique packaging indeed.  They are already telling the consumers outright that their product can kill them but they are still selling these big time.  Is it the packaging? Or is it the actual tobacco that is so addictive that when you get into it, it’s difficult to turn from it?
Several tobacco manufacturers have played around with their packaging style.  They have their own gimmicks such as boxes that open horizontally, metal case cigarette boxes, slim sized boxes and many more.  They disguise a thing of beauty to catch your attention.
These tobacco products are being shipped to different parts of the world through corrugated boxes and sealed by a high quality taping machine to ensure that flavor will not be affected by outside contaminants.
Smoking is dangerous to your health.  But with the ever-changing packaging of this famous and addictive drug, sadly, it will still have its place in the market.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Evolution Of Packaging

Just like the latest iPhone 4 and the iPad 3, packaging is fast changing.  From the conventional bottles and cans, we are now in the era of plastics and film pouches.  But with the ever-growing concern for the environment and the increasing need to save on costs, packaging will definitely evolve at a much faster rate. 
Let us look at the evolution of packaging so we can better appreciate where it is taking us right now.  Check out the pictures showing the old packaging of Coca-Cola Products compared with the latest look of their sodas.  They started with bottles and cartons and now they came up with PET bottles and easy open cans.  They still have bottles though but the latest ones are already dominating the market.  Why?  For the reason that it is easier to store and to handle and for the consumer, it is easy to use and to open.  But when they are transporting these Coca-Cola products, one thing hasn’t changed. They still use corrugated boxes, sealed and taped by using a taping machine and other packaging systems that they may have. 
Look at the image on your left.  That is a picture of how you buy vegetables in the market.  You just get it directly from the basket.  Now you can buy these same vegetables in vacuum packs.  Some of these vegetables can be bought peeled and packed already.  The image on your right shows you how you can buy those fruits and vegetables in today’s market.  They are grouped by kind and vacuum packed to seal its freshness.
Ketchup has been around for centuries and we have seen its evolution in terms of packaging.  It started with using bottles and now it’s already in sachets, packets and the newest is the dip and squeeze type of packaging.  We use this tomato-based sauce almost everyday and as a consumer we want flexibility and convenience.
Consumer preference and lifestyle are changing.  Packaging should keep up with the demands of its end user to be able to market and sell effectively.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moving Out For College: The Ultimate Guide For A Major Decision

Summer is halfway over.  You might be excited to move out from your parents’ house and move in to your new apartment or college dorm or you are still wondering if this is really a good idea.  Well, it’s always best to plan ahead especially in major decisions like this.
Moving out may be thrilling and exciting to some but it can also be intimidating to a few.  Leaving your parent’s house is a major one and living on your own can bring about a lot of stress on your end.  This transition in your life can open new doors of opportunity should you embrace it with open arms.  These guidelines will help you achieve a successful and a smooth moving in transition.
1.     Know where you are moving.  Check out the Internet or better yet go to that place, whether it’s a residence hall, an apartment or a condo, nothing beats a firsthand experience.
2.     Check out their move in dates.  Most residence halls have move in dates that you need to follow.  Most of the residence halls don’t accept students prior to their scheduled move in dates.  Know when the date for New Students Orientation is.  This will help you jumpstart your new life in college with other new students.
3.     If you’re not going to get any support from your parents, you should start scouting for work.  You should learn how to save money while in college.  Getting a decent work will help you sustain your college life.
4.     Prepare all your stuffs for shipping and hauling.  You can either ship your stuff directly to your new address prior to moving in or you can just haul it with you on the same day you’re moving in.  You will need corrugated boxes and tapes to transport your personal stuffs and appliances.  Bestpack.com also sells high quality packaging system and taping machines should you know anyone with a requirement.
5.     Practice cooking.  Going out and eating fast food will quickly exhaust your funds.  Learning to cook will help you save money for other important matters.
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to moving out for college.  Enjoy this new season of your life and get to know a lot of new friends to keep you away from getting bored and remembering your parents.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Humorous and Creative Ideas for Advertising And Packaging

Packaging is rather a serious word.  But who said that life should always be serious?  Sometimes you need to add humor to make it more appealing and exciting.  Why don’t you try adding a little fun in your packaging?
Humor, if executed right, will bring success to your company.  Do it right and the product will fly high and will be remembered for a longer time.  We avoid being humorous in our advertising or with our packaging simply because we are afraid to fall flat.  Who wants to fall flat anyways?  Nobody wants to look like an idiot after getting humorous with a product.  But if you do it correctly and plan it carefully, this fear can be turned into an opportunity.
So how can one be humorous and at the same time hit the target market?  Let’s go through some tips and guidelines on how we can do it:
1.     You have to know your objective.
2.     Humor should be directly related to your product.
3.     Since you’re eliciting emotions when you’re humorous, then make sure that your humor is not a lie or something that is offensive to others. Consider the different races and cultures that you will target and make sure that you don’t say anything that is racist and discriminating. 
4.     Conduct a focus group discussion and get some ideas from the outside – your potential customers.  They may have a better and bigger humor than those who work for you.
5.     During the group discussion, avoid analyzing the data too much.  Remember the reason why you are there—to be humorous.  Try to be casual with the idea.  If it’s funny, then it is definitely funny.
You can be humorous by just adding a few lines that would really tickle the imagination of the reader or you can also use images or cartoons to deliver the humor.  Have you heard of this:  On the packaging for a wristwatch:
Warning this is not underwear! Do not attempt to put in pants.
Funny and yet it sticks to your mind, right?  Some might say it is stupid but if you can deliver it right, it will create a mark.
Bestpack.com is a leading manufacturer of high quality taping machine and other packaging equipment that would fit your company requirement.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Super Model: Gisele Bündchen Is Still On The Top Of The World

Gisele Bundchen was recently ranked 4th by Forbes magazine on the World's Most Powerful Latino Celebrity. 
But before we continue, what place does a super model have in a packaging equipment industry? Read on and find out…
She used to date actor Leonardo DiCaprio. They were made People’s Most Beautiful Couples List.  Gisele was also named Harvard’s 2011 Global Environmental Citizen in recognition of her eco-efforts.  This Brazilian model is not just all about body and beauty; she is also an advocate for the environment.
All the endorsements that she had were all huge brands.  In fact, every time she starts endorsing a product, sales would really go up.  One major brand that she endorsed was Victoria Secret and this lasted for almost 8 years.  Aside from getting multiple sponsors and endorsements, she also owns her own line of flip-flops, the Ipanema.
With all that she has achieved, she is still well known as a Super Model.  In fact, she made it to the All-TIME 100 Fashion Icons list of the 100 most influential fashion icons since 1923.  She was also named as the “Richest Super Model” back in 2007.  By the way, did you know that models use tapes such as double adhesive tapes and duct tapes?  Duct tapes for example are used in lifting up the model’s breast or to enhance cleavage.  Bestpack.com sells carton sealing tapes and high quality taping machines that can help also in storing and transporting the stuff of a model and the whole production team.
Going back to Gisele Bundchen’s soaring career, for the second time in a row, this 31-year-old super model recently topped Forbes‘ list of the World’s Highest Paid Models.  She earned at least $45 million for the past year leaving Kate Moss in 2nd place with $9 Million.  Gisele vividly recalls the time when she was just starting her career and how several agents rejected her.  And now she is one of the major sponsors of an event in Brazil, which aims to find the next super model.
Gisele is currently pregnant with her 2nd baby with Patriots quarterback
Tom Brady.  Her busy schedule and current status is not holding her back to enjoy the benefit of being a mother.

There you have it. Models and tapes from the packaging industry indeed belong together.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Protecting Your Produce With The Right Packaging

If you think that planting and harvesting your produce is the hardest part, well you’re mistaken.  Packaging and transporting is far more difficult and considered the most crucial stage of your business.  
Increase your sales by keeping your fruits and vegetables green and fresh.  Packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the freshness of your produce.  There are different ways on how you can package your goods and maintain its original state for a few days. A produce undergoes different stages as well, which cand determine the type of packaging that will suit the environment.  Here are different types of packaging materials for different types of stages:
1.     Sealed Cartons/Corrugated Boxes – This type of packaging is used primarily when transporting your harvest.  It provides better resistance to damages when manually handling the produce during transportation to markets.  It also protects the fruits from scratching each other and damaging the skin to keep it looking fresh in the market.
2.     Vacuum Packaging – This is usually the standard packaging when fruits and vegetables are already displayed in supermarkets and grocery stores.  This will lengthen the shelf life of the goods by reducing the level of both oxygen and nitrogen in the package.  Some films would require micro holes to avoid anaerobiosis.
3.     Nets – This type of packaging is used for root crops and other vegetables.  These crops would normally require more holes because if humidity is too high or oxygen level is too low, such crops will sprout.
4.     Wooden Trays/Crates – Commonly used for potatoes and tomatoes.  These crates have good ventilation and are relatively resistant to different weather conditions.  It is also widely used in transporting larger sized produce like watermelons.
You can use carton sealers and dependable taping machines to ensure quality of packaging and handling of your harvest.
Packaging is not only to ensure longer lifespan and safe transportation of your produce.  It impacts your marketing and your sales. 
Great Harvest + Right Packaging = Increased Sales