Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tobacco Packaging: A Different Kind Of Marketing

Smoking kills at least 400,000 people every yearQuit now or be hooked forever.
A cigarette pack is the only consumer product that has a serious warning outside the packaging, yet a lot of consumers are still addicted to it.  People are very much aware that this product is not good for their health, has proven illnesses and diseases that comes with inhaling it but still is not considered as a prohibited drug or product.  In fact, different manufacturers are spending too much money in advertising this dangerous and harmful drug.  It’s ironic, don’t you think? 
Here are some facts about smoking and its ill effects:
1.     One out of two smokers will die from this addictive habit.
2.     Tobacco usage causes a variety of cancer, which can also lead to death.
3.     Smoking can also cause heart attacks and heart failures.
4.     Decreases level of oxygen in your muscles and inside your brain, making your heart work harder.
5.     Rotting of a lung, which is also called emphysema.
6.     On a lighter note, smoking causes bad breath.
Smoking is so far the most popular recreational drug used in today’s generation.  It comes in the form of cigarettes.  Did you know that almost one billion people in the world smoke?  Imagine the impact of inhaling these burned tobaccos to our health.  But surprisingly, it is still being patronized by consumers ages 10 and above. 
If you will check the packaging, it is already saying that smoking is hazardous and dangerous to your health.  Other brands would even joke about it as shown in the image on your left.  This consumer product has a unique packaging indeed.  They are already telling the consumers outright that their product can kill them but they are still selling these big time.  Is it the packaging? Or is it the actual tobacco that is so addictive that when you get into it, it’s difficult to turn from it?
Several tobacco manufacturers have played around with their packaging style.  They have their own gimmicks such as boxes that open horizontally, metal case cigarette boxes, slim sized boxes and many more.  They disguise a thing of beauty to catch your attention.
These tobacco products are being shipped to different parts of the world through corrugated boxes and sealed by a high quality taping machine to ensure that flavor will not be affected by outside contaminants.
Smoking is dangerous to your health.  But with the ever-changing packaging of this famous and addictive drug, sadly, it will still have its place in the market.

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