Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Humorous and Creative Ideas for Advertising And Packaging

Packaging is rather a serious word.  But who said that life should always be serious?  Sometimes you need to add humor to make it more appealing and exciting.  Why don’t you try adding a little fun in your packaging?
Humor, if executed right, will bring success to your company.  Do it right and the product will fly high and will be remembered for a longer time.  We avoid being humorous in our advertising or with our packaging simply because we are afraid to fall flat.  Who wants to fall flat anyways?  Nobody wants to look like an idiot after getting humorous with a product.  But if you do it correctly and plan it carefully, this fear can be turned into an opportunity.
So how can one be humorous and at the same time hit the target market?  Let’s go through some tips and guidelines on how we can do it:
1.     You have to know your objective.
2.     Humor should be directly related to your product.
3.     Since you’re eliciting emotions when you’re humorous, then make sure that your humor is not a lie or something that is offensive to others. Consider the different races and cultures that you will target and make sure that you don’t say anything that is racist and discriminating. 
4.     Conduct a focus group discussion and get some ideas from the outside – your potential customers.  They may have a better and bigger humor than those who work for you.
5.     During the group discussion, avoid analyzing the data too much.  Remember the reason why you are there—to be humorous.  Try to be casual with the idea.  If it’s funny, then it is definitely funny.
You can be humorous by just adding a few lines that would really tickle the imagination of the reader or you can also use images or cartoons to deliver the humor.  Have you heard of this:  On the packaging for a wristwatch:
Warning this is not underwear! Do not attempt to put in pants.
Funny and yet it sticks to your mind, right?  Some might say it is stupid but if you can deliver it right, it will create a mark. is a leading manufacturer of high quality taping machine and other packaging equipment that would fit your company requirement.

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