Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two More Days Before This Promo Expires!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In Action: The MQ22 Heavy Box Taping Machine

For heavy box packing, BestPack presents the MQ22 Heavy Box Taping Machine. It has a four-belt drive system that allows it to pull and seal heavily packed boxes. Looking to beef up your packaging system for next year? The MQ22 will surely fit the bill.

Watch this heavy-duty taping machine in action.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MSDBF Semi-Automatic Pack and Seal Station Promo Is Still On!

Get a Free Case of Tape with the purchase of BestPack’s all-in-one Case Form/Pack/Seal Station. Visit now for more taping machine promos.

September Promotion

Friday, December 16, 2011

Taping Machine Systems In Focus: Furniture

In our previous blog post, we talked about BestPack’s special custom taping machine system for packaging delicate food, specifically tostadas. This week, we are going to look at the company’s packaging system for furniture. As in other taping machine systems, this can also be used for packaging similarly sized items. For the furniture system, there are three fully customized stations: packing, conveying and sealing.

1. Flap Folding. This customized station was designed tilted so that furniture and other high profile items can be placed into tall cartons. This station consists of a tilted flap folder and a bottom case sealer.

2. Conveying. The carton is moved to the third and final station on a tilted conveying system. In this process, the box is turned and flipped to allow the carton to find its correct orientation before being sealed. Once it is turned, the operators will then put the item into the carton. The taping machine tilts it back up to original position for sealing.

3. Sealing. After packing, it is sealed with a customized fully automatic CS taping machine. This taping machine model was made taller to accommodate high profile items like furniture. Once sealed, the package is ready for shipping.

Whatever business or industry you are in, there is definitely a customized taping machine system for you. Next week, find out how BestPack plays a role in petroleum processing.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taping Machine Systems In Focus: Delicate Food

In our past blog posts, we have looked at taping machine systems for bookbinding and electronics. Today, we are going to look at BestPack’s custom made packaging solution for food—delicate food products to be exact. Originally, it was designed for packaging tostadas (toast) so that they would not crack while being packed. Of course, this taping machine system is not limited to packing toast. With this packaging solution, delicate food items can now be automatically packed with ease.

Let us look at three stages of this system.

1. Carton Erecting. The carton is erected by a machine called ELVP erector. This is an L-Type erector which uses a pin system to efficiently erect the cartons for packaging.

2. Packaging and Sealing. After the carton is erected, it is conveyed to the packaging station where individually bunched tostadas (or whatever it is that is being packed) are packed using BestPack’s exclusive side packing case packer. Afterwards, the case is sealed using one of the company’s standard flagship carton sealers, otherwise known as taping machine.

3. Palletizing. In this final stage of the process, the cases are palletized using a low-profile palletizer. It is then stretchwrapped and prepared for shipping.

Next week, we will zoom in on BestPack’s taping machine system for packing furniture. Make sure to come back and check us out!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Taping Machine System In Focus: Electronics

As promised last week, here is our feature on the specially designed taping machine system for the electronics industry.

BestPack’s electronics technology was originally designed for the computer manufacturing industry. Today, business owners can now also use this custom four-station taping machine system for conveying and packaging of electronics.

1. Conveyor System. This part of the system is what sets this taping machine process apart. It enables each electronic item to be placed on an individual platform as it passes through the testing and installation lines. As the item moves, it is tested and fitted with accessories depending on each order.

2. Packaging and Sealing. In this station, a person uses a specially made suction system which elevates and wraps the product with a plastic wrapper. The electronic item is then placed into the proper carton. The latter is then sealed with one of BestPack’s standard tape carton sealers.

3. Palletizing. As the name implies, this is where the carton is palletized by BestPack’s fully automatic custom gantry arm palletizer.

4. Stretchwrapping. During this final stage of the process, the fully palletized pallet is stretchwrapped with the use of a fully automatic stretchwrapper. Once it is wrapped, it is then placed into the appropriate truck—ready for shipment.

Next week, we will look at BestPack’s special custom taping machine system for food packaging so be sure to come back and check us out.