Friday, December 2, 2011

Taping Machine System In Focus: Electronics

As promised last week, here is our feature on the specially designed taping machine system for the electronics industry.

BestPack’s electronics technology was originally designed for the computer manufacturing industry. Today, business owners can now also use this custom four-station taping machine system for conveying and packaging of electronics.

1. Conveyor System. This part of the system is what sets this taping machine process apart. It enables each electronic item to be placed on an individual platform as it passes through the testing and installation lines. As the item moves, it is tested and fitted with accessories depending on each order.

2. Packaging and Sealing. In this station, a person uses a specially made suction system which elevates and wraps the product with a plastic wrapper. The electronic item is then placed into the proper carton. The latter is then sealed with one of BestPack’s standard tape carton sealers.

3. Palletizing. As the name implies, this is where the carton is palletized by BestPack’s fully automatic custom gantry arm palletizer.

4. Stretchwrapping. During this final stage of the process, the fully palletized pallet is stretchwrapped with the use of a fully automatic stretchwrapper. Once it is wrapped, it is then placed into the appropriate truck—ready for shipment.

Next week, we will look at BestPack’s special custom taping machine system for food packaging so be sure to come back and check us out.

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