Monday, November 28, 2011

Taping Machine Systems In Focus: Book Binding

Last week, we shared with you real life business challenges faced by companies who have yet to put in a place a packaging system using taping machines. As an industry leader, BestPack believes in not just selling a taping machine. More importantly, it wants its machines to make business processes more efficient. Thus, it has come up with custom packaging systems for different kinds of businesses.

In this article, we will talk about the Book Bindery System. It is a mix of old standard machines and modern custom taping machines which are designed to make book packaging more efficient—physically and financially. The Book Bindery System consists of four parts: carton erecting, carton and book conveying, book packing into cartons and weight checking for each cartons.

1. Carton Erecting. The carton erecting is done by the ELVS carton erector.

2. Conveying. The custom conveying system transports the erected carton and the pile of bound books to a specially designed drop pack placepacker.

3. Drop Pack Placepacker. The pile of bound books is dropped into individual cartons using BestPack’s exclusive drop pack technology.

4. Weight Check. In this station, a high-resolution ink jet printer prints a barcode onto the packed carton. After the labeling process, the carton goes through a scale which checks if the box has been packed with the right number of books. Once that has been settled, the carton is sealed by one of BestPack’s standard taping machines. If, on the other hand, the carton is over or under filled, it will be diverted into another line which leads to repacking.

Next week, we’ll look at carton sealer systems for electronics so make sure to come back and check us out.

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