Friday, November 11, 2011

Taping Machine Debates: Side Drive vs. Belt Drive

Quality or quantity?

This is a classic debate that has gone on for ages. And the packaging industry is not exempt. Today, we are looking at two types of taping machine—the more costly yet deemed more superior Side Drive Case Sealer and the more budget-friendly Bottom Drive Case Sealer. Which one do you need? Which one do you want to invest in?

Let’s look at the contenders.

• Has a larger carton range
• Has a roller bed that allows for more stable box throughput which means less wear and tear for motors
• Has two motor drives pulling the box for more power and stability
• Naturally squares the box as it goes through the sealer
• Has side drive pulleys which lessens wear and tear for the belts
• Has a shorter footprint
• Can hold up against heavy boxes banging up against the machine

• A good machine for a relatively good price
• Has a lower carton minimum
• Needs supervision because box throughput is less consistent due to friction and weight
• May need more maintenance since single motor is subject to more wear and tear as well as less pulleys on the belt drive system may cause belt to wear out faster

Final result: Two taping machines from a reputable manufacturer, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Which taping machine is best suited for your packaging needs? You decide.

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