Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Than Just A Taping Machine

If you have a business that requires an efficient packaging system, what you need is a machine. And not just any type of machine—a taping machine. Manual packaging may seem more cost efficient at first but in the long run, you will find that manual packaging can drag your business down.

We asked several small companies to weigh in on this matter. We asked a school lunch company, an auto parts company, a juice company and a tofu manufacturer. They had one thing in common—their manual packaging processes proved to be inefficient and resulted in the following consequences:

1. Time consuming. The whole process of forming a carton, packing it and then sealing it eats up a lot of production time.

2. Repetitive. The repetitive motion of manually taping cases, especially when done for prolonged periods of time, can cause workers to develop joint and tendon issues in their wrists.

3. Inefficient. The bottom flap of cartons can slow down the entire process. Additionally, manually sealing the bottom flaps (as well as the top of the box) manually causes more uncontrolled usage of carton sealing tape. Pre-erecting the boxes and stacking can also eat up a lot of time on the production line.

4. Lack of air supply. Packaging stations require pressurized air lines which can be an added overhead expense to the entrepreneur.

Our recommendation: Invest in a reliable and durable taping machine system. Packaging reflects the company’s branding and a poorly packaged product says a lot of bad things about the business. There are several types of taping machine available in the market—some are offered in uniform or random type while other case sealers are available in high-speed options for a minimal fee. Custom and stainless steel taping machines are also available, depending on your budget.

Which taping machine is ideal for your business? Come back next week for our expert suggestions.

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