Monday, September 12, 2011

Product Highlight: Taping Machines that Revolutionized the Fruit Packaging Industry

As a leader in the packaging industry, BestPack has been responsible for many machines that have helped businesses run more efficiently. One example is BestPack’s ATFUX Fruitbox Sealers which are specially designed for the fruit packaging industry. This one-of-a-kind taping machine features a four station sealing process that begins with indexing the box, followed by lifting the outer sleeve, shaking the box, and finally sealing the top and bottom flaps. These fruitbox taping machines have helped entrepreneurs streamline the process of packaging oranges, apples and potatoes in HSC type boxes.

In this article, we will get to know a little bit more about two models of this taping machine design.

1. Automatic Top and Bottom Drive Fruit Box Machine (ATFUX). This heavy-duty taping machine requires no human operator and uses pressure-sensitive tape. It is ideal for packing houses using HSC cartons. This type of taping machine has four stations: an indexer station; a positive outer sleeve lifter station with shaker, which assures proper squaring of the top flaps; a flap fold station, which closes the top flaps; and a final station that seals the top and bottom flaps, leaving both flaps sealed but not tabbed together. The ATFUX also features self-centering guide rails and adjustable compression rollers. The width and height can also be adjusted on either side of the machine. It can load three different lengths of tape roll: 1000 yards, 1,500 yards and 2,000 yards, and interchange between 2” or 3” tape heads.

2. ATFC11-3H. This taping machine is specifically designed for packing apples. It is considered a sister machine to the ATFUX Series sealer and features mostly the same characteristics as the latter.

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