Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Different Types of Carton Sealing Tapes

Carton sealing tapes are used to seal different materials. However, they are most often used to seal boxes with the help of carton sealers or manually through a hand tape dispenser. Additionally,carton sealing tapes add protection to your boxes and secure the packages especially during transit. Listed below are the different types of carton sealing tapes industries use for their packaging needs.

  • Acrylic carton sealing tapes – Acrylic adhesives are capable of light and heavy-duty carton sealing applications. Acrylic carton sealing tapes have a broad temperature range which is perfect for packaging industries where temperature flexibility is of the essence. Thus, they have a higher tolerance for high and low humidity conditions. They are UV protected, have a long life and come in hand or machine rolls.
  • Hot melt carton sealing tapes – Hot melt carton sealing tapes are designed for consistent performance and quality. Similar to acrylic carton sealing tapes, they perform well in carton sealing applications whether light or heavy-duty. They are available in economy, utility and general purpose grade. Hot melt carton sealing tapes are perfect for packing fruits because of their superior “Shear Values” – a measure of how the adhesive performs in the long run during constant pull.
  • Printable carton sealing tapes – This water-based acrylic carton sealing tape is used for printing and converting. Printable tapes can be applied manually or automatically by carton sealing machines. Printable carton sealing tapes are available in industrial grade or premium grade. Premium grade printable tapes have adhesives perfect for harsh temperature applications.
  • Printed carton sealing tapes – This option offers a variety of customization in different colors and prints which are perfect for businesses because they can integrate their brand logo into the printed carton sealing tapes. This form of marketing is not only effective but enhances product exposure as well. They perform well in broad temperature ranges and are also UV protected.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Different Types of Carton Sealers

The use of carton sealers and carton sealing tape is an effective and cost saving for production and manufacturing processes. Many types of carton sealers are out in the market. It’s always best to know which carton sealers are the right ones for your business’s industry.
  1. Uniform carton sealers – they are the most commonly used in production because all cartons produced are the same size. The ability to easily change from one size to another is also a reason why uniform carton sealers are very prevalent in the industry today.
  2. Random carton sealers – they usually cost more because of additional mechanisms that allow the machine to switch from one carton sealer size to the other. However, they are still a practical investment since they automatically adjust carton size from one to the next.
  3. Semi-automatic carton sealers – they are generally more useful for slower productions and employ the use of a second person because the packer needs to load the carton with a product, fold the flaps and place it in the machine.

  4. Automatic carton sealers – they are more cost efficient because they do not require the use of a second person. Automatic carton sealers have an additional flap folding mechanism plus extra length to give room to the flap folding device.
  5. Manual carton sealers – manual carton sealers have the capability to seal cartons 0.5" high to 50" high. With a maximum of 200 cartons that can be sealed a day, these carton sealers are the perfect machines for those businesses requiring the use of an operator to feed and fold the flaps of the carton before entering the machine.
When choosing the right carton sealer and carton sealing tape, consider the type of product and business you have. With big help from carton sealers and carton sealing tapes, more professional packaging is now possible.