Monday, July 23, 2012

Evolution Of Packaging

Just like the latest iPhone 4 and the iPad 3, packaging is fast changing.  From the conventional bottles and cans, we are now in the era of plastics and film pouches.  But with the ever-growing concern for the environment and the increasing need to save on costs, packaging will definitely evolve at a much faster rate. 
Let us look at the evolution of packaging so we can better appreciate where it is taking us right now.  Check out the pictures showing the old packaging of Coca-Cola Products compared with the latest look of their sodas.  They started with bottles and cartons and now they came up with PET bottles and easy open cans.  They still have bottles though but the latest ones are already dominating the market.  Why?  For the reason that it is easier to store and to handle and for the consumer, it is easy to use and to open.  But when they are transporting these Coca-Cola products, one thing hasn’t changed. They still use corrugated boxes, sealed and taped by using a taping machine and other packaging systems that they may have. 
Look at the image on your left.  That is a picture of how you buy vegetables in the market.  You just get it directly from the basket.  Now you can buy these same vegetables in vacuum packs.  Some of these vegetables can be bought peeled and packed already.  The image on your right shows you how you can buy those fruits and vegetables in today’s market.  They are grouped by kind and vacuum packed to seal its freshness.
Ketchup has been around for centuries and we have seen its evolution in terms of packaging.  It started with using bottles and now it’s already in sachets, packets and the newest is the dip and squeeze type of packaging.  We use this tomato-based sauce almost everyday and as a consumer we want flexibility and convenience.
Consumer preference and lifestyle are changing.  Packaging should keep up with the demands of its end user to be able to market and sell effectively.

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