Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Importance Of Packaging To The Mobile Phone Industry

Who would have thought that mobile phones would be selling like hot potatoes?  Calls that were very expensive and limited are long gone.  It started when AT&T commercialized the first Mobile Telephone Service during the 1940s.  This gave way to 30,000 calls per week, which were manually operated by another person on the other line.  The first commercialized telephone equipment that they used weighed 80 pounds.  Imagine the hassle of holding it for a few minutes – it’s ike your talking on the phone while holding a 6-year-old boy using the same hand.  Today’s mobile weighs around 200 to 800 grams in an average and the box that comes with it is so small and lightweight. 
Compared to the older models, these new designs that we have right now are not only used for calls but they have evolved to a whole new way of using a mobile phone.  They are now considered as a utility tool.  Its functions have revolutionized the modern mobile technology.  You can now use your phone for tracking, taking pictures, chatting and SMS, sending files through email and MMS and a whole lot more.
Mobile phones are indeed essential to our day-to day lives.  Who doesn’t have a mobile phone today?  According to some studies today, in the US alone there are 327,577,529 mobile phone users, which is only next to India and China.  In the UK, 85% of their population has mobile phones.  With this in mind, packaging has become more vital to the mobile phone industry.  With the growing demand for a mobile phone not only in the US but also around the globe, demand for better packaging also increases.  The demand for packaging systems such as carton sealers and taping machine will also increase.  The need to save on costs will play a huge role in acquiring this equipment.
So where does packaging come in?  To begin with, packaging plays an important role in marketing the brand.  Imagine Apple selling their iPhones but using an ordinary box.  It doesn’t make sense.  Apple sells elegance, functionality and leadership. Thus, packaging should also match the product image of the company. 
Another benefit of good packaging is protection.  If you’re selling a product that is so expensive, you need to have secured packaging. This can protect all components while being shipped around the globe and stored inside the stores or distributor warehouses. 
Lastly, packaging gives the consumer a sense of guarantee and security, assuring them that what they are buying indeed came fresh from the factory.  That is why it is also very important for a manufacturer to have a carton sealer and a taping machine to ensure quality of the product is not compromised.

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