Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moving Out For College: The Ultimate Guide For A Major Decision

Summer is halfway over.  You might be excited to move out from your parents’ house and move in to your new apartment or college dorm or you are still wondering if this is really a good idea.  Well, it’s always best to plan ahead especially in major decisions like this.
Moving out may be thrilling and exciting to some but it can also be intimidating to a few.  Leaving your parent’s house is a major one and living on your own can bring about a lot of stress on your end.  This transition in your life can open new doors of opportunity should you embrace it with open arms.  These guidelines will help you achieve a successful and a smooth moving in transition.
1.     Know where you are moving.  Check out the Internet or better yet go to that place, whether it’s a residence hall, an apartment or a condo, nothing beats a firsthand experience.
2.     Check out their move in dates.  Most residence halls have move in dates that you need to follow.  Most of the residence halls don’t accept students prior to their scheduled move in dates.  Know when the date for New Students Orientation is.  This will help you jumpstart your new life in college with other new students.
3.     If you’re not going to get any support from your parents, you should start scouting for work.  You should learn how to save money while in college.  Getting a decent work will help you sustain your college life.
4.     Prepare all your stuffs for shipping and hauling.  You can either ship your stuff directly to your new address prior to moving in or you can just haul it with you on the same day you’re moving in.  You will need corrugated boxes and tapes to transport your personal stuffs and appliances.  Bestpack.com also sells high quality packaging system and taping machines should you know anyone with a requirement.
5.     Practice cooking.  Going out and eating fast food will quickly exhaust your funds.  Learning to cook will help you save money for other important matters.
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to moving out for college.  Enjoy this new season of your life and get to know a lot of new friends to keep you away from getting bored and remembering your parents.  

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