Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Super Model: Gisele Bündchen Is Still On The Top Of The World

Gisele Bundchen was recently ranked 4th by Forbes magazine on the World's Most Powerful Latino Celebrity. 
But before we continue, what place does a super model have in a packaging equipment industry? Read on and find out…
She used to date actor Leonardo DiCaprio. They were made People’s Most Beautiful Couples List.  Gisele was also named Harvard’s 2011 Global Environmental Citizen in recognition of her eco-efforts.  This Brazilian model is not just all about body and beauty; she is also an advocate for the environment.
All the endorsements that she had were all huge brands.  In fact, every time she starts endorsing a product, sales would really go up.  One major brand that she endorsed was Victoria Secret and this lasted for almost 8 years.  Aside from getting multiple sponsors and endorsements, she also owns her own line of flip-flops, the Ipanema.
With all that she has achieved, she is still well known as a Super Model.  In fact, she made it to the All-TIME 100 Fashion Icons list of the 100 most influential fashion icons since 1923.  She was also named as the “Richest Super Model” back in 2007.  By the way, did you know that models use tapes such as double adhesive tapes and duct tapes?  Duct tapes for example are used in lifting up the model’s breast or to enhance cleavage. sells carton sealing tapes and high quality taping machines that can help also in storing and transporting the stuff of a model and the whole production team.
Going back to Gisele Bundchen’s soaring career, for the second time in a row, this 31-year-old super model recently topped Forbes‘ list of the World’s Highest Paid Models.  She earned at least $45 million for the past year leaving Kate Moss in 2nd place with $9 Million.  Gisele vividly recalls the time when she was just starting her career and how several agents rejected her.  And now she is one of the major sponsors of an event in Brazil, which aims to find the next super model.
Gisele is currently pregnant with her 2nd baby with Patriots quarterback
Tom Brady.  Her busy schedule and current status is not holding her back to enjoy the benefit of being a mother.

There you have it. Models and tapes from the packaging industry indeed belong together.

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