Friday, September 14, 2012

Branding Your Product In The Market

Branding is how you package your product in such a way that your target market will see your product as the only available solution to their problem. 
A great marketing person would always think of the sum total experience of the customer with the product.  That is why every stage in the product cycle is very important.  From the creation of the idea to the manufacturing of the actual product down to the packaging using a taping machine to shipping and to delivery.  Every process is essential and will contribute to the whole experience of the targeted market.
So how does branding works?  What are the key factors that influences branding?  Listed below are some essentials for an effective product branding:
1.     Clarifying The Win – what is the “winnability” of your product?  Your product should have a defined and a clear goal.  What do you want your customers to feel when they are holding or using the product?  Ask the question “what is the most important thing that you want to achieve when your product is already out in the market?” 
2.     Focus on One Thing – you can clarify the win by also being focused.  Who is your target market?  What is your unique message?  Focusing will also help you in engaging your target market.  As you define your focus, as you own that one significant thing, your target market would understand your product even more.
3.     Be Consistent – focusing is not enough to engage the market.  You need to be consistent with how you brand your product.  If it’s for female today, don’t say that it can be for men tomorrow.  Consistency is essential.  Be consistent with your message.  Use the same taglines, logos, images, fonts, tone and other visual components that will make the customer remember your product.  Do this for a long time and you will win the market.  Imagine McDonalds, they have been around the industry for decades and one can still remember that yellow letter “m” that is visually present in almost all corners of the world.  Consistency is indeed essential.  This is also where you apply the technicalities of packaging the product.  To be consistent would mean that you employ automation let say in packaging.  Uniformity in packaging can be achieved by using high quality and dependable taping machine or case erectors.
4.     Call to Action – it is very important that you stimulate your target market not to just remember your product but most importantly to consistently buy you for a longer period of time.  Give them a good offer to buy your product.  Be intentional and be obvious with the offer.  This is where your pricing comes in.  Study the market for competitive pricing.  Quality and scarcity is also a factor for people to buy your product.
Branding a product is very practical but you have to be intentional and should be timely.  It is very important that you invest time in researching and building your product.  Every stage is a part of a bigger objective and that is to deliver the end product to the consumer.

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