Monday, June 4, 2012

Significance Of Packaging

Packaging is a vital component of food processing operations and preservation.  From the factory down to the grocery stores, packaging is important. 
An excellent packaging system will also be beneficial in optimizing and maximizing a company’s operational efficiency.  A top-grade taping machine combined with a high quality case erector and a durable carton sealing tape will do just that.
Aside from enclosing the goods for storage, delivery, display and sale, packaging also informs resellers and consumers of what’s inside the box.  It’s a way of marketing the product while on display.  The words or pictures displayed on the box may be informational, based on fact or mandated by the consumer law of a region.  One way or another, it is marketing put all together.
There are different ways of packaging a product.  One would be using corrugated boxes and another way is by using Styrofoam.  Let us start with the latter, the Styrofoam.  People misuse the word Styrofoam as a generic term.  It is a brand name and a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company for closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam.  This packaging is best used for insulation.  Corrugated boxes on the other hand are brown boxes made from corrugated paperboards.  These paperboards have these air columns that acts as a cushion and makes the box stronger. 
Going back to the significance of packaging, another important marketing benefit of product packaging is branding.  It’s one way for a company to maintain consistency in their logo, color, product character and tag lines.  It plays a significant role in helping the consumer recognize and remember not only the product but most importantly, the company.  Remember that in this age of multimedia and mass communication, visuals are very powerful compared to audio communication.
An excellent packaging will definitely result to an excellent turnover.  Make a lasting impression through packaging and marketing combined.

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