Sunday, May 30, 2010

Case Sealers vs. Carton Sealers: What’s the Difference?

Carton sealers are known by many names, including: box taper, box sealer, case taper and case sealer. Although many packaging equipment manufacturers use carton sealers, case sealers are still just as popular. With the same function and specialization, case sealers are made for businesses that need to package at least 150 boxes per day. Case sealers lighten up the load by reducing labor costs while at the same time providing immediate return on investment.

Case sealers are available in uniform and random, including: uniform semi-automatic case sealers, uniform automatic case sealers and random case sealers. Semi-automatic case sealers are operator-fed, adjustable carton sealing machines that cater to light and heavy duty uniform case closure applications. BestPack’s MBD series of case sealers has four adjustable legs for quick height adjustments for production lines. Uniform automatic case sealers, on the other hand, allows omission of either or both top and bottom closures. Also, most uniform case sealers offer L-clip capabilities and cartridges.
Random case sealers are operator fed and automatically adjust to the size of the incoming box. These types of case sealers are perfect for applications that use a variety of different size boxes. Random case sealers are also available in both semi-automatic which needs an operator, and automatic which is operator free. Case sealers provide low cost automation to clients needing automated case sealers within a budgeted price.

Do not be confused with the names and terms used by the packaging industry. As long as the packaging equipment serves its purpose – that is, to provide professional-looking and secured packages – then there shouldn’t be a problem with the name given. Contact your local packaging equipment manufacturer to inquire about their services. Keep in mind, some manufacturers throw in free installation and training services while others offer huge discounts on packaging equipment such as carton sealers and carton sealing tapes.

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