Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Analyzing the Growth of the Packaging Industry, Thanks to Efficient Packaging Equipment

The growth of the packaging industry relies heavily on the types of packaging available. Additionally, the rate of growth varies across the different industries that use these highly durable products. For example, the growth rate of the beverage industry is 3.2% whereas the health care industry has a growth of 5%. In total, various markets report that the domestic packaging market shares 29% of the global market which is equivalent to $124 billion. In financial terms, the capital reaches a total of $433 billion.

The packaging industry can be divided into four segments based on the types of materials used – including plastic, glass, paper and board, and metal. The largest of these segments is the paper and board packaging industry with a total market share of 35%. Food and beverages, on the other hand, shares approximately 40% of the overall global packaging market, with 18% coming from the beverage industry alone.

Researchers predict that the packaging industry will be even more successful in the next few years because the overall economy is, to some extent, largely dependent on these products and equipment. Businesses that use efficient packaging equipment such as carton sealers and carton sealing tapes save more on packaging equipment due to each product’s efficiency and speed.
Carton sealers, for example, are reliable, cost-effective, and durable. They help achieve a professional and consistent seal, which creates a more productive packaging system. Carton sealers range from adjustable manual and random manual to adjustable fully automatic and random fully automatic. Regardless of what your company needs, packaging equipment manufacturers offer efficient packaging solutions that cater to every business in every industry.

Carton sealing tapes, on the other hand, are available in hot melt and acrylic. These products also come in a variety of styles such as printable and printed. Specially formulated carton sealing tapes boast of consistent film quality for a perfect seal on boxes and other packaging material. If you’re interested in purchasing packaging equipment, contact your local packaging equipment manufacturer. The most helpful companies will offer discounted rates that include product installation and training.

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