Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1.6 mil Tape Price With 1.8 mil Tape Strength

As a result of our years of experience both working with and manufacturing carton and tape sealing products, we’ve been able to develop a new line of tapes that, while thinner than standard sealers, are just as strong as, if not stronger than, conventional sealing tape. Standard sealing tapes from our competitors often feature low micron counts and lack flexibility, resulting in a lack of strength and a lack of security for your products. Our tape, conversely, is 22 micron cast, features a tensile strength rating of 15, and allows for 110% elongation. What this means is that, when you use our tape, you’re also afforded a certain comfort of mind knowing that your package will get to wherever it’s going intact.

The extraordinary strength of our tape allows for thinner lengths of it to be just as strong as, if not stronger, than tapes of standard thickness. For example, the seal quality of our 1.6 millimeter tape often outperforms a competitor’s 1.8 millimeter tape. For businesses, this translates into lower material costs which, of course, means higher profit margins and more savings which can be invested elsewhere or dedicated to other, more important resources.

Here at BestPack, we test our tapes to ensure that their seal is sustainable through a wide range of temperatures, and are manufactured in ISO 9001 and 14001 facilities so that they conform to the absolute highest standards of quality. As a result our tapes have gained a significant amount of recognition in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

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