Saturday, May 8, 2010

Carton Sealer 101

In any business, efficiency is vital. A business needs a reliable system in place to ensure uniformity and high quality, professional-looking output at all times. For business processes such as packaging, there are tools and machines that can help entrepreneurs keep up with the demand of their business without sacrificing quality. One such tool is a carton sealer. BestPack, an online company specializing in packaging equipment and packaging automation machines, offer customers four kinds of carton sealers.

1. Adjustable fully automatic - This type of carton sealer doesn’t need a human operator to feed boxes and fold the flaps. This is perfect for applications where boxes with only one size are used for each shift. On the other hand, because this machine is adjustable, you can manually adjust the height and width for each box size when every shift ends.

2. Adjustable manual - The adjustable manual carton sealer requires the presence of an operator to fold flaps of boxes and feed them into the machine. This is perfect for applications where boxes with only one size are being sealed for a given shift.

3. Random manual - Like the adjustable manual carton sealer, this one also needs an operator. This machine detects height and width with automatic sensors and is therefore ideal for companies that use different size boxes on the same shift.

4. Random fully automatic - This carton sealer is what automated packaging is all about. For this machine, no operator is required, and the machine automatically detects height and weight, feeds boxes, folds flaps and seals the box—it is automated sealing at its finest.

There’s a reason why the store is called BestPack. Visit to purchase cost-effective packaging solutions, like carton sealers, that will set your business apart from the rest.

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