Monday, June 28, 2010

Case Sealer Spotlight: Manual Case Sealers

Case sealers come in a variety of forms, but this particular blog will focus on manual case sealers. Anyone who works in the packaging industry knows that case sealers are reliable, cost-effective and durable. These efficient machines help companies save money and time, and when it comes to packaging, case sealers are the final step in creating a professional looking seal for every product.

Manual case sealers are the least automated solution when it comes to case sealers. With manual case sealers, boxes are manually fed by hired operators. Operators also have to manually adjust the height and width of the machine for each box size. Additionally, operators must feed boxes in the machine and fold the flaps closed. Manual case sealers are most useful for applications where one size box is sealed for any given sealing shift.

For some manual case sealers, such as random case sealers, the machine automatically detects the height and width of each box with automatic sensors, and then it adjusts accordingly. Random case sealers are the perfect solution for businesses that use different-sized boxes for a large majority of items that need to be sealed. Adjustable manual case sealers, on the other hand, are the ideal machine for sealing uniformly sized carton boxes.
When you select the appropriate case sealer for your business and company, you will decrease production costs in no time. Case sealers don’t need very much maintenance, so checking the case sealer at each shift or at the end of the day is enough to maintain its maximum performance and efficiency. These helpful machines are utilized by the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries because each piece of equipment helps increase efficiency in the production line by saving time and mitigating mistakes. With an increase in productivity, companies can earn more without spending much money. A professional-looking seal that complements a productive packaging system is the perfect way to distribute goods and products to consumers.

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