Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Case Sealer Spotlight: Automatic Case Sealers

Combined with the right carton sealing tape, case sealers are the perfect piece of equipment to buy when companies need to optimize operational efficiency and reduce operational costs. Although packaging equipment manufacturers offer custom-made packaging solutions, they generally make machines that have a certain set of features and options.
Automatic case sealers are the most automated case sealing machines available on the market. The main advantage of having an automatic case sealer is that you don’t have to hire an operator to manually feed boxes into the machine or to fold flaps. Most automatic case sealers include automatic flap folders and indexers are an optional add-on to space boxes into the machine. Automatic case sealers are perfect in industries where one size box is used for most items.

Similar to the manual case sealers, automatic case sealers also come in random and fully automatic settings. Random fully automatic case sealers will automatically feed boxes, detect height and width, fold flaps and seal the top. Automatic case sealers come in a variety of models: auto top/bottom, auto sidedrive, auto quad-drive, auto edge, auto one edge and fruit box.
While all of these automatic case sealers eliminate the need for an operator, most of the machines come with different features and functions. Quad-drive case sealers allow for top drive and side drive heavy-duty applications, while auto edge case sealers are capable of uniform four edge case sealing, which is useful when pilfer proofing and protection from the outside environment is necessary. With these fantastic features, what else could companies ask for?

Keep in mind that boxes come in different sizes, which is why it is essential to have the appropriate case sealer for your particular business. Contact your local packaging equipment provider, or give a call, to get the information you need to purchase the right case sealer.

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