Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Case Sealers, Plastic Boxes, and the Art of Reusing Packaging Materials

Case sealers are machines that automatically or manually pack cardboard or corrugated boxes. Because of the big reduction in production costs they offer, case sealers can be used to reuse old packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and/or plastic boxes.

Sustainability works with reusing packaged designs such as corrugated boxes. Consumers are becoming aware of and trending toward environment-friendly products, and packaging equipment such as case sealers are no different. What the green market wants are eco-friendly products that can be recycled or reused for ten or more times.

What consumers are interested in are products that can be used multiple times to save not only money, but the environment as well. A box made of plastic is something consumers can appreciate. Corrugated boards, the latest in a string of eco-friendly packaging products, has components similar to those of plastic boxes. Manufactured from layers of fluted material placed in between sheets of plastic, plastic boxes basically offer the same features of corrugated boxes. By adjusting the fluting and liner sheets to be thicker or thinner, plastic boxes can be made lighter or heavier duty. Plastic boxes are also capable of being cut into almost any design or size, including RSC or a die cut reclosable mailer.
Corrugated boxes and plastic boxes should not be used to compete against one another, as they are useful for different reasons. Plastic boxes are used for closed loop or round trip situations where the box and its higher initial cost can be recovered. Plastic boxes are more expensive, but the cost can be justified so long as they can be reused multiple times. Plastic boxes are durable and washable, and made of plastic resin from oil or natural gas.

Packaging corrugated boxes and plastic boxes can be managed easily through machines such as case sealers, which help save time and production costs with their durability and efficiency. BestPack offers case sealers that are automatic and manual, based on your company’s needs and requirements.

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