Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting to know more about adjustable manual case sealers

Adjustable manual case sealers are’s most popular items, and for good reason. Whether you need to seal a 0.5” high carton or a 50” high carton, there is an adjustable manual case sealer to help do that for you efficiently. This type of case sealer requires an operator to feed and fold the flaps of the carton before putting it into the machine. Having your own adjustable manual case sealer makes your production line more efficient, and your business more productive.

There are many types of adjustable manual case sealers—different machines for different purposes. Here are some:

1. Manual Sidedrive Series. This is the most popular case sealer in BestPack’s catalogue. The Sidedrive MS has been proven to be most efficient in sealing uniform carton applications.

2. MT Series Sealers. This is the first case sealer designed by BestPack. It is best known for its economical price tag and rugged dependability. Additionally, it has the only model that can seal a 0.5” high carton.

3. Bottomdrive MB. The bottom belt drive system on this case sealer makes it ideal for light to medium seal application.

4. Quaddrive MQ. For heavy duty sealing action, this is the recommended case sealer. It is designed to meet light to heavyweight carton closure applications. It uniquely utilized four belt drives for more precision and stability.

5. Side-sealing MTSS. For cartons that need to be filled and sealed on the side, this case sealer is the machine to use.

6. One edge sealers. This unique one edge case sealer is one of its kind. It is best used for clam shell boxes.

7. Packing/bottom flap folding stations. This machine is the predecessor of one of BestPack’s flagship case sealers. It provides the operator with the added convenience of folding the carton flaps and holding a carton in place while the operator is working on filling the box.

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