Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Signs of the Times: How Packaging Machinery Stats Jumped in 2011 and Why You Should Be Part of These Stats

For business owners, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs, new interesting statistics may give you more reason to invest in your own automated carton sealers and taping machines.
Updated statistics show that shipments of packaging machinery in the United States rose by 19% in the previous year.
Perhaps the increasing demand for automated systems or the necessity of cutting costs due to the recession both have something to do with this increase, but the bottom line is, the demand for automated taping machines and other types of packaging systems is increasing. More and more companies are jumping into the bandwagon, proving that automated packaging is the way of the future.
According to PMMI’s 2012 Shipments Study, shipments of U.S. packaging machinery peaked at $7.7 billion in 2011; this is 19% higher than figures recorded in 2010. Additionally, it was found that the local market also experienced a 23% climb to $8.8 billion.
What didn’t change was how the market was – or is still is – distributed. It is interesting for packaging business owners to note that food packaging still accounts for the highest demand in the market. It makes up 36% of overall packaging demand, and is closely followed by beverage packaging at 24%. Together, the two categories make up almost 60% of the sales in the packaging market. It is also interesting to note that the food industry takes the backseat when it comes to blister packaging, skin packaging, or vacuum forming packaging, which were found to be more in demand in the medical and pharmaceutical markets.
These additional details, however, don’t change the fact that while several markets continue to struggle, the packaging industry seems immune to the economic downturn. This further proves that automated packaging is one of the wisest, most practical business investments that business owners like you can make at this time.
More Expansion Opportunities
Aside from the taping machines and sealing systems, two other closely related markets have experienced a rise in 2011.
The first is the container manufacturing market, which rose to $760 million of revenue in 2011. This may give you an idea of what the bigger companies are also investing in. This market involves machines that are used to convert materials into containers.
The second is the coding, printing, marking, stamping, and imprinting market, with sales reaching up to $520 million.
Why Invest in Automated Packaging?
All these newly released statistics tell you one thing: automated packaging systems are becoming more useful and are now being increasingly incorporated into businesses. Since innovativeness and an ability to adapt to the changes in the market are both key factors in ensuring business success, it will certainly pay to also consider investing in your own packaging systems. And given the rapid rate of improvement in packaging technology, packaging systems nowadays do more than just pack; they also pack faster and more efficiently, thus improving their ROI.
So if you’re in the middle of expanding your business or you’re thinking of ways through which you can retain a competitive advantage or catch up with your competitors, the improved productivity and reduced costs that come with automating your packaging processes should be enough to convince you.

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