Friday, March 16, 2012

Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Taping machines and other packaging equipment are not just to wrap and protect consumer products like food, electronics, and other products. Taping machines are very much important in the pharmaceutical industry as well because it protects pharmaceuticals from contamination and prevents microbial growth. Because of the strict requirements called for in the pharmaceutical industry, companies have to comply with product delivery and regulatory compliance.

There are many activities that are included in the process of packaging pharmaceutical products. Some of the steps include package designing, testing, and validation as well as prototyping and marketing of the pharmaceutical products themselves. Ideally, it all revolves around the handling, storing, distributing, and packaging of pharmaceutical products. categorizes three functional units that work within the pharmaceutical packaging industry. These are the packaging materials, packaging types, and marketing of the products. Additionally, because of the nature of the different pharmaceuticals that require packaging, different materials are used to secure the products. Examples are blisters, blow-molded plastics, ampoules and vials, and more. Blisters, for example, are ideal packaging materials for pharmaceuticals that are moisture-sensitive. Blow-molded plastics are perfect for liquids and other chemicals. Such examples would be plastic bottles, jars, and water containers.

There are many countries that specialize in pharmaceutical packaging. The United States is one but other countries also include Western Europe and Japan and currently, Japan is quickly rising as one of the biggest pharmaceutical packaging industries in the world today. Studies have revealed that the pharmaceutical packaging industry is expected to rise by 5.9% each year starting 2011 and sales will soon reach the $34billion mark.

Demand continues to grow and pharmaceutical packaging companies should be prepared with the appropriate and necessary packaging equipment in order to keep up with the trends and requirements. offers a vast selection of automatic and manual taping machines that clients can choose from. Other accessories such as tapeheads and carton sealing tapes  are also available from the California-based packaging solutions provider.



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