Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Companies Can Reduce Carbon Footprints with Sustainable Packaging

Can a taping machine catch up with the green packaging trend?

Green packaging is not just a trend. It is a practice that organizations are trying to instill in small and large corporations to reduce packaging waste, which is quickly becoming a global problem. Despite the trend towards a more sustainable packaging solution, many companies still practice over-packaging – stuffing new laptops and other gadgets inside boxes and boxes and boxes so that it reaches our doors safely. For consumers, what happens to these boxes once they’ve received their shipment? Most people would just throw it away and this is exactly why there is a need for green packaging.

While bringing reusable bags to for grocery shopping helps reduce packaging waste, we still have not actually thought about reducing the packaging on the products that we place on these reusable bags. Organizations such as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition are working doubly hard to encourage consumers and corporations to measure the carbon footprint of their packaging. In fact, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition released the COMPASS, a software that helps designers weigh the environmental impacts of their packaging.

In case you don’t know it yet, packaging waste accounts for one-third of the 66 million tons of solid waste generated by Californians alone. These numbers are scary and it won’t be long until we run out of places to dispose of our packaging waste. 

There are many ways on how companies can reduce their carbon footprints. One is to use recycled materials because the more recycled content would equate to lesser carbon footprints. Consumers, on the other hand, can help reduce their environmental impacts in terms of packaging by buying in bulk and purchasing refillable containers. Additionally, they can also bring reusable materials to help cut down on disposables whenever possible.

To play its part in sustainable packaging, BestPack.com introduces its Green Sealing Solution, which comprise of 6” taping machines and printed acrylic tapes. This eco-friendly solution helps reduce the use of unnecessary flaps as corrugated usage decreases with wider flaps. Find out more by visiting BestPack.com.

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