Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dogwood Alliance Helps the Fast Food Industry in Packaging Practices with Latest Report

Consumers may not realize this but the fast food industry is probably one of the largest consumers of packaging supplies. Taping machines, carton sealing tapes, case erectors – all these and more are required to pack, ship, and transport supplies needed for their daily consumption of food products. For food packaging, the largest component is paper and with the increase in consumption of packaging supplies, the fast food industry can very well deplete the world’ natural resources all on their own.

Dogwood Alliance, an organization dedicated to saving the environment by pushing industry leaders to switch their business solutions towards more eco-friendly practices, has recently released a report aimed to help fast food companies reduce their packaging footprint.

Raz Godelnik of TriplePundit.com interviewed Dogwood Alliance’s Campaign Director Scot Quaranda to discuss this latest report. Basically, the report outlined strategic ways for fast food chains to decrease their carbon footprints and it also provided a roadmap on how these corporations switch to environment-friendly packaging solutions.

Quaranda stated that the report has the primary goal of making a difference, even if small-scale, by offering sustainable packaging solutions that large corporations could practice in their businesses. Focusing on the impact that packaging has, particularly in the fast food industry, the report released by Dogwood Alliance also identified numerous opportunities which could even help companies save money. This, according to Quaranda, can be done by switching to greener packaging because it saves a lot in terms of material and transportation costs. Indirectly, he added, it makes for a more positive branding and loyal customer base since consumers nowadays are more biased towards corporations who practice sustainable packaging.

Quaranda ended the interview by saying that the first step towards a more environment-friendly packaging solution is to “develop an environmental packaging policy.” Collaborating with experts and academics is needed to ultimately create the roadmap to greener packaging.

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