Monday, August 6, 2012

Global Business and The Packaging Industry

The general public has little understanding of packaging and its relevance and impact to global business. The common view of packaging is that it is intended to influence the consumer or customer at the point of purchase – and that is its only purpose. Little or no attention is paid to the importance of packaging in preservation and transport of goods and products.
For instance, patronizing excellent taping machine brands help taping machine manufacturers increase their commitment to quality because they are motivated by the kind of returns that they see in their competitor’s business. Buying a good taping machine that fits the purpose and function of a particular product’s packaging needs ensures that the product is properly preserved from preparation to transport and distribution.
The retail industry and the automotive industry are driving forces in the selection and design of packaging materials. Both industries pay much attention to the consumer package, as well as the transport package because both are important in ensuring product quality and low cost distribution.
It is obvious in both the retail and automotive environments that excellence cannot be achieved in packaging selection if the designer or design team does not pay attention to the impact of packaging beyond the consumer level. For instance, transport package must be effective and efficient in the supply chain but in addition, aid in the assembly line. The personnel should not spend time opening packages and checking the product. They should be sure of grabbing the right product and installing it without worries about variations and malfunction.
The definition of packaging is “a coordinated system of preparing goods for safe, efficient and cost-effective transport, distribution, storage, retailing, consumption and recovery, reuse or disposal combined with maximizing consumer value, sales and hence profit.”(Paine, 1990)
That being said, promoting awareness of best practices in the packaging industry—not just on the aesthetic level of consumer appeal but also on the functionality, quality, and effective design of packaging—should be given more attention and importance by both industry movers, manufacturers, customers and consumers worldwide.

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