Thursday, August 23, 2012

Five Packaging Options For Exporting Your Product

The United States is the largest trading nation around the globe.  This is also the reason why non-Americans were lured to work in this nation to fulfill their vision of the American Dream.  Although affected by the recent Housing bubble which had a huge impact in the lives of the people, US still remains a world leader in terms of exporting.  Even though fuel is the number one product that the US exports to other countries, there is still a need for quality packaging for other products that are imported by other countries from the US such as meat, fruits, medicines and clothes.  This is where taping machines and case erectors come into place.  A quality case erector, carton sealers and taping machine will definitely make your production line more efficient.
Packaging is very important in the export industry.  Its role is to hold, secure and to preserve a particular product.  This is the most important stage after manufacturing a product.  Aside from protecting and securing the product until it reaches the end consumer, it also aids in saving money and adding profits.  Packaging adds character to the product; hence choosing the right type of packaging is very crucial to your business. There are different types of packaging for different variety of product.  Below is a list of packaging types:
1.     Loose/Unpacked – this type of packaging is usually used for large items such as heavy vehicles.  An extra protective material (dunnage) is used to protect these vehicles from damages caused by transporting and other elements.
2.     Drums – this is usually made out of steel, carbon steel or fiber is used for liquids or powders that needs to be kept dry for the duration of the shipment.
3.     Containers – these metal containers can withstand the weight of the cargo.  It is also used to secure goods from theft.
4.     Boxes or Crates – this is the most used type of packaging.  You would see these boxes often in shipping goods such as clothes, canned goods, gadgets and a lot more.  This type of packaging uses taping machines and box erectors for more economical operation.  These machines also help secure the products from any damage caused by moisture, dust, vibration and other elements.  Boxes and Crates are also stacked in pallets and shrink-wrapped to make it more stable.
5.     Pallets – made out of wood and usually used to stack boxes and crates.  Pallets make it easier for forklift operators to lift those boxes that are grouped together.  Loading, unloading and warehousing of these crates and boxes are now more efficient because of these pallets.
Choosing the right packaging for your products is not an easy task.  You should know what fits your requirements and what will protect your goods.  Be intentional.  Be creative.

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