Monday, January 9, 2012

Taping Machine Systems In Focus: Textiles

In the past weeks, we have shared with you custom taping machine systems created by BestPack for specific industries. We’ve looked at book bindery, electronics, food packaging (for delicate food like tostadas), furniture and petroleum processing. This week, we are looking at another BestPack taping machine innovation: a custom system made for packaging filament yarn. This system uses breakthrough technology to enable yarns to be placed onto spools and to wrap these spools with plastic.

This one-of-a-kind taping machine system has three main stations.

1. Packing. This is where the spun yarn is placed onto spools. The spools with the yarn are then sent into a wrapper.

2. Wrapping. Here, the wrapper lifts the spun yarn to enable yarn to be completely wrapped by plastic. The wrapped yarn is then returned to the spool for packing.

3. Tray Erector. Once the yarn is wrapped, a tray is erected. This large traymaker was specially designed for the yarn industry. It then sends the traymaker to the packing area.

For the final instalment of our taping machine systems series, we’ll look at BestPack’s custom taping machine system for yogurt plants.

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