Monday, January 16, 2012

Packaging Insight: Convenience Remains To Be A Focal Point When It Comes To Food Packaging

Be A Focal Point When It Comes To Food Packaging
As technology advances and lifestyle changes, the clamor for easier and faster access to everything including food and pre-packed food are expected to be more in demand in the coming years. In the packaging industry, this means taping machines and other packaging supplies are increasingly using the modified-atmosphere packaging (MAP). This is the process behind many convenience food products we love—cheese, salad, sausage, and even fresh meat.

How it works
During the packaging process, air is suctioned out and replaced with protective gas which can be a combination of various gases or just a single gas. This kind of gas is individually tailored to the food item that needs to be packed. This process requires more than just a taping machine or a carton sealer. It uses thermoforming machines or tray sealers. MAP packages are also designed not just for longer shelf life, but for eco-friendly and practical applications as well. MAP packaging also features easy opening minus the need to use sharp implements such as scissors or knives.

In the food industry, food packaging is a key component. High-pressure processing is seen as one of the most promising technologies for the reduction of harmful germs especially on meat, poultry and vegetables. This method of processing increases shelf life and product safety without the need for heat and preservatives, which is advantageous for both food producers and consumers. Nutritional value and flavor is also retained.

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