Friday, January 13, 2012

Taping Machine Systems In Focus: Yogurt Bundling

Taping Machine Systems - Yogurt Bundling
In the last installment of our taping machine systems series, we will look at BestPack’s custom taping machine system for yogurt bundling. This one-of-a-kind packaging system incorporates the company’s unique sleever/bundler system.

The yogurt bundling system consists of three stations namely traymaking, place packing and bundling.

1. Traymaking. In this first station, the trays for the containers are created using BestPack’s exclusive trayforming machines.

2. Case Packing. After the trays have been formed, the yogurt containers are then sorted and oriented based on how they will be fitted into the trays. The yogurt containers are then “grabbed” by arms with suction cups and then place-packed into the tray.

3. Bundling. In this last station, the tray and the yogurt containers are wrapped with film around the entire tray. The wrapped tray enters a heat tunnel where the film is shrunk. The heat also binds all the yogurt containers to the tray. Once securely packed, these yogurt containers are ready for shipment.

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