Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When to Use Side Drive Taping Machines

The main feature of a side drive taping machine is its side belt drives that form the core of its operation; however, there are other benefits to using side drive taping machines that most packaging companies do not realize.

Most side drive taping machines work via the side drive pulleys on the system. Additionally, side drive taping machines are powered by two motor drives that pull the box through. The motor’s drives have to be powerful and stable enough to not cause wear and tear on the boxes that pass through the taping machine.
When choosing between other taping machines and a side drive case sealer, it is important to keep in mind that side drive taping machines are designed for optimal light and heavy duty operations. This box taping machine is also engineered for performance with an operator adjustable feed system, which means that it can be manually operated by an employee of the company for better control.

The taping machine's side drive movement seals boxes with a rate of 40 boxes/minute; this makes it extremely efficient especially for big industrial companies. Other features of the side drive taping machine worth mentioning are its larger carton range with a minimum width of 4.25”, a roller bed that prevents wear and tear on the motors and that provides for a more stable box throughput, and a shorter footprint.

BestPack.com, a packaging equipment manufacturer, has a wide selection of side drive taping machines that are certainly more efficient as they are engineered only with the highest manufacturing quality. Side drive taping machines built by BestPack.com are sturdier – they can hold up against heavy boxes that bang up against the machine. Additionally, the bed height can be adjusted as well as the width and height on both sides of the taping machine. With four exclusive rollers of the top compression unit, BestPack's side drive taping machines are definitely superior to other competing brands.

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