Sunday, June 5, 2011

Basic Maintenance Tips For Taping Machines

If your business requires mass production and packaging, then you are best off with a taping machine. Taping machines, also known as carton sealers or case sealers, are great tools that help entrepreneurs, like you, achieve operational efficiency and reduce production cost in the workplace. Additionally, taping machines also help businesses produce better and more professional looking packages, which in turn boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With that said, taping machines are hardworking industrial equipment that needs proper care and maintenance. Whether you choose a manual or an automatic taping machine, you will find that this can be quite an investment so you need to ensure that you are able to maximize its function. In this article, we will share basic maintenance and repair tips for your taping machine.

1. Make sure to turn off electrical power before starting to clean any of the parts. Read the manual that came with your machine because there might be specific instructions required for the kind of taping machine that you have.

2. Using a dry film lubricant, lubricate the shafts at least once a month to keep away dust or lint. You can also apply chain lubricant on the drive and on the centering guide chain.

3. Handling cartons will inevitably produce dust and paper chips and when left unclean, this dust can build up on the machine and may cause component wear or even overheating of motors. Using a shop vacuum, remove accumulated dust at least twice a week, especially if the taping machine is used daily. Avoid using compressed air when removing dust because this may cause the dust to further penetrate into other parts of the machine.

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