Monday, August 15, 2011

How a 6” Inch Tape Saved the Lives of Clothing Companies

Clothing companies have been reported to lose millions of dollars due to packaging mismanagement. Theft, pilferage, and added packaging costs have all contributed to the profit loss of clothing companies. Additionally, the current standard of using 2” or 3” packing tape through manual labor is also another reason why clothing companies suffer from profit loss.

Recent updates in packaging technology and standards revealed that 6” packing tapes and the use of automatic taping machines are the best solutions to prevent pilferage of clothing packages. Automated solutions can greatly help save in packaging costs because of less use of manual labor while also creating a more consistent seal on boxes.

The wider 6” packing tape is a cost-effective packaging solution due to the instantaneously decreased packaging costs from the prevention of lost and stolen goods. The wider 6” packing tape prevents major flaps from opening without breaking the seal of the box. There is also less excessive and expensive use of tape when compared to companies using a 4-edge seal and water-activated gummed tape to belly band the boxes.

As for packaging equipment, 6” random automated taping machines offer a more professional and consistent seal on boxes. Packaging materials, such as boxes, are also more efficient with the removal of the extra 1.5” on each major flap. This saves not only on packaging costs but on packing tapes as well. The wide 6” packing tape renders the extra flaps unnecessary, thus creates savings which can be allotted into other packaging equipment. With this packing equipment, companies can save up to $30/day, which means saving up to $10,800/year.

The right combination of installing new 6” random semi-automatic taping machines and 6” acrylic printed packing tapes can save millions of dollars for clothing companies. Packaging costs greatly reduce while producing a more professional and consistent look for boxes.

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