Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loading a Packing Tape Dispenser

Packing tapes are essential in packaging and storing items. With packing tape, heavy boxes can be securely held together, and they can protect packages better than regular tape can. With a packing tape dispenser, not only can packing prove to be a seamless activity but it will help you accomplish things faster and more efficiently. Make sure you have rolls of packing tape on hand so refilling the packing tape dispenser is done quickly. In a few minutes, you can easily reload the packing tape dispenser. Here’s how:

1. Over the dispenser reel, place the roll of packing tape in such a way that it will unwind in a counter-clockwise manner.

2. Hold the front tab of the packing tape roll, pulling it at a downward angle through the slot between the dispenser roller and shield. There are also tape dispensers that have a shield to which you can pull down the tape and slide it through. Remember that the sticky side of the packing tape should always face downwards.

3. In an upward motion, simply pull the front tab of the tape so that the dispenser blade can cut through the packing tape. The blades of packing tape dispensers are sharp enough to cut through your skin so be careful in handling such packaging tools to avoid cuts and bruises.

4. To be sure that the packing tape dispenser functions perfectly, test it by unrolling just a small amount of tape and cutting it with the dispenser’s blade.

5. If the packing tape dispenser is not tight enough, adjust it by tightening the tension adjuster and set the unwinding feature at a comfortable and smooth level.

When handling such tools, always be careful and make sure that you are comfortable handling the packing tape dispenser, or any other packaging tool for that matter. is an online manufacturer of packaging equipment, such as carton sealers, and also offers nationally-acclaimed packing tapes ideal for the packaging industry.

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