Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Benefits of Case Sealers in the Workplace

Case sealers are part of the case erecting and final sealing cycle. This type of packaging equipment can perform overlapping flaps or sequential folding and can be used for both top seal only, or top and bottom seal. With the flap folding function and platen compression, professional looking and perfectly jointed flaps are well-aligned for a more attractive finish. Case sealers basically operate by sealing product filled cases with the top flaps either with tape or hot melt glue.

Case sealers come in uniform and random functions and are also available in semi-automatic and automatic models. As the terms suggest, semi-automatic case sealers still need the assistance of an operator to function while automatic case sealers are operator free models. Case sealers are great investments in the workplace and here are just some of the reasons why:

1. Case sealers are made from stainless steel that can be adjusted.
2. Owners can adjust the proper height and width for increased productivity.
3. Whether you choose a semi-automatic or an automatic case sealer, both models automatically fold the flap then tightly sealing the case.
4. Highly economical.
5. Dual masts with dual lead screws are added for added stability and height adjustments.
6. Case sealers can seal boxes and cases in different sizes and types.

With that in mind, case sealers greatly increase efficiency in the workplace by:

1. Reducing injuries for manually fed case sealers
2. Reducing labor yet increasing output
3. Tape waste is reduced as well
4. End product gets a more professional appearance
5. Material cost is also decreased, and finally
6. Case sealers create a professional-looking seal

And so when deciding to purchase a case sealer for your business, ask yourself if you want an operator-fed or operator-free case sealer. Also determine how many boxes should be sealed per production line per minute/hour. The carton sizes are also a factor in choosing the right case sealer as well as choosing between 2” and 3” case sealing tapes to seal the box. Finally, find out whether your business needs a top and bottom applicator, or just a top applicator.

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