Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Many Ways Products can be Packaged In

Different products require different packaging techniques. The most important factors to consider is the product itself and the degree of protection it needs in order to survive its transportation. Packaging is meant to protect products from shock, contain liquid; they must also abide by security and sometimes the packaging serves marketing purposes.

Blister Pack – Blister packing is for retail purposes. The product is served in a clear or opaque plastic or metal foil seal to hold it in place. This type of packaging provides individual protection which is especially useful for tablets, capsules, and even action figures. Other products are small consumer goods like electrical items, hardware, and toys. Manufacturers make the most of blister packs by incorporating marketing strategies such as placing company names at the back of the pack.

Tamper-Evident Packaging – Tamper-proof packaging is commonly practiced in the pharmaceutical and food industries to prevent the tampering of medical products such as pills and jars. The Food and Drug Administration has required induction sealing or cap sealing to hermetically seal the top of plastic and glass containers to help provide evidence of tampering. Shipping containers also have tamper-evident packaging to secure wholesale goods and items. Shrink-wrap is also an effective means to prevent tampering though it has always been overshadowed by other tamper proof packaging means.

Cardboard packaging – Cardboard is an inexpensive means of packaging items and goods. Aside from being abundant in supplies, cardboard packaging can be done with carton sealers or case sealers – machines that automatically or manually pack cardboards, which saves businesses time and money. This form of packaging is very popular for transport of consumer and commercial products. Some products that use cardboard packaging include cereals, liquid products like milk and orange juice, and even washing powder. proudly offers case sealers to make packaging easier and hassle free. Choose from random, manual, and automatic case sealers or you can also have custom built carton sealers that are suited for your business.

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