Monday, May 21, 2012

Enhance Your Creativity In Packaging

Your packaging will determine your marketability!
Whether it’s retail, delivery or manufacturing, your packaging should attract your targeted market.  Using packaging systems such as taping machines, carton sealers and tapes can definitely add to the value of your packaging. 
In an era of tight competition, every detail counts.  From the type of boxes down to the way it is packed and sealed, everything is vital to the image of the product.  So how do you stay in the game?  One key solution is to enhance your creativity through packaging ingenuity.
Here are some ideas that will interest you, so keep on reading.
·      If you’re selling toys:  make your boxes reusable!  Teach your market how to re use the boxes instead of just throwing it.  Remember that toys are for kids but the parents are still the one paying for it.  So if you can make a box that parents can use after opening it, this will definitely sell.  A toy chest made out of that toy box is something that parents will appreciate.
·      If you’re a pharmaceutical company: your boxes can serve as medicine cabinets as how it’s shown in the picture on your right.
·      Simply create boxes that can be used as organizers for books, important files, pictures or any other data that you have to keep inside your house.
There are a lot of ways on how you can be creative with your packaging.  But handling it is another story.  Making sure that your products inside those boxes are handled with extra care from the factory down to the marketplace is a huge consideration.  Using bubble wraps or bubble foams should also be considered especially for fragile items.  Ensure that you are using high quality carton sealers and carton tapes for consistency and durability. 

Be creativeBe innovative.  

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