Monday, May 28, 2012

Alternative Uses Of Carton Tapes

Be creative.  Carton tapes can be used in different applications.  These tapes are usually used in sealing light to heavy carton boxes. 
To begin with, there are several types of adhesive tapes such as drywall tape, heat sensitive tape, water activated tape and pressure sensitive tape.  A Tape comes in different forms but with the same function.
Whether its heat activated or water activated tape, you can still use these tapes for unconventional ways.  Below is a list of out of the box ideas where you can apply these tapes:
·      Hauling – if you’re using a truck with an open bed/dropside you would need the help of a sticky tape.  To avoid getting your stuff from getting wet, you can use a tarp or a canvass and seal it on the sides using an adhesive tape.  This will prevent air from coming in and getting your canvass flying away from the truck.  I have tried this and it works perfectly.  This is also better than using a rope for tying your cover.  I guess you won’t buy a bed liner just for 1 hauling trip, save your money for a more important stuff.
·      Cleaner – use it as a hair and dirt cleaner.  Those who love pets should know this.  Getting rid of your dog’s or your cat’s hair is tedious.  With the help of a tape, you just need to cut at least 4-5 inches of your tape and start pressing it onto your floor, furniture, beddings or on your couch.  You can apply the same principle when you’re removing broken glasses on your floor.
·      Stabilizer - Having a rug inside your house is sometimes dangerous especially if you have kids running around your living room.  Best thing to avoid slipping and bumping your head is to use a tape to stabilize your rug.  Use a double adhesive tape or a duct tape to ensure that it won’t move or slip. 
There are a lot of alternative uses to a tape if you’re creative enough.  Even the tape roll can be maximized if you want to.  Bestpack also supplies taping machine, case erectors and other carton sealers.

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