Friday, April 13, 2012

Corrugated Packaging: What You Need to Know

Corrugated boxes are easy to spot. You probably know how it looks like but you don’t know that it’s actually called corrugated boxes. Taping machines and other packaging equipment can pack these boxes quickly for shipping and transport.

To begin, corrugated boxes are made of paper. The arched layer is called “fluting” and the smooth sheets that sandwich these layers are called “liners”. While the most commonly available corrugated boxes have one layer of fluting between the liners, there are actually a lot of different types with many flute sizes and thicknesses. Because corrugated boxes are naturally produced from paper, they are very lightweight and durable, making them the most reliable material for custom-manufactured shipping containers and packaging displays.

Aside from all the useful features of corrugated boxes, they are, in fact, recyclable, making them extremely environment-friendly. While they are primarily manufactured from a renewable resource, consumers should still be conscious enough to recycle them whenever possible. Today, innovations and developments in the R&D programs continue to improve the strength, printability, and recyclability of corrugated boxes.

There are many reasons why packaging suppliers and companies prefer to use corrugated boxes to match with their taping machine requirements. For one, corrugated boxes are easy to customize. It knows no limits and it offers thousands of possible combinations when it comes to flute sizes, weight, adhesives, treatment and coatings, as well as board types.

The flexibility of corrugated boxes also allows it to be cut and folded in many shapes and sizes. It is also now being as a cost-effective marketing tool, as companies begin to print the boxes with their own logos, images, and high-resolution graphics.

Companies can customize corrugated boxes according to the specific needs of their industries and products. It is maximized for product protection, shelf space, and shipping density requirements.

Corrugated boxes have many uses and R&D programs continue to find ways to maximize these boxes. In the meantime, consumers must do their part to make sure that corrugated boxes are reused to save the environment while corporations develop ways to minimize corrugated-related costs.


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