Monday, November 30, 2009

Going Green with Carton Sealers and other Packaging Equipment

Everyone is alarmed at the rate of our environment’s disintegration. Major businesses and big companies can now play their part in helping to save the environment by going green on packaging equipment such as carton sealers, case erectors, palletizers, and shrink wrappers. However, there are three major players that influences the environmental standards businesses must adhere to.

The consumers play a major role in convincing businesses to go green on their carton sealers. Nowadays, clients prefer eco-friendly products for all their items. Yes, clients want efficient and low-cost packaging supplies but they are also environment-conscious.

As the urgency to save the planet increases, most packaging equipment suppliers turn eco-friendly. Carton boxes made out of recycled materials are a plus for businesses. Additionally, biodegradable materials help conserve the environment because unlike plastic, these can be re-used and help lessen pollution.

The government, on the other hand, sets rules and regulations that carton sealers manufacturers must adhere to. Companies that do not have certain harmful substances on their products are considered RoHS or Restriction on Hazardous Substances-compliant. When searching for packaging equipment suppliers, make sure that they are RoHS compliant. Not only are you helping save the environment, but you’re supporting a good cause by helping others be aware of the situation.

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